Fort Worth TX ERTC Advisor: Stimulus Fund Advisory Services Update

Published November 24, 2023

With their recent update, ERC Tax Group has published the "Ultimate Guide To ERTC", which provides SMB owners with key information regarding the ERTC program.

More information is available at

Alongside the updated guide, the company's team of CPAs also provides pre-qualification and application support services that can help businesses check if they are eligible, and make a claim for their maximum owed credits.

While the general knowledge of ERTC is widespread, it is easy to get confused by the program, its various eligibility criteria, and the companies offering to help make a claim. To help demystify the world of ERTC for business owners, the team at ERC Tax Group continues to publish material aimed at helping local businesses understand the program.

In the guide, the company's CPAs have outlined the various key information all business owners need to know before making an ERTC claim. This includes areas such as the qualification criteria regarding the number of employees they had during the program's eligibility periods.

Having been working with the ERTC program since its launch, the CPAs at ERC Tax Group have an unparalleled understanding of its requirements, amendments, and application process. This experience has seen them present to the AIPCA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) on the program, as well as help over 10,000 businesses receive an average refund check of $147,000.

Business owners looking to get the guide and start learning if they could be owed ERTC funding can find details on the firm's website. They can also find details on arranging for a no-obligation consultation with one of the company's CPAs who can assist SMB owners with their application.

The firm's application support can help ensure business owners receive their maximum owed credits, as well as complete document auditing services to ensure an application is completed according to the program's strict standards.

A spokesperson for ERC Tax Group said, "We have qualified over 12,000+ businesses and non-profits just like yours with an average ERTC refund check of $147,000."

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