Florida Painting Services Companies Chime in on Myriad of Industry Changes

Published February 26, 2024

The painting industry has dramatically changed since February 2022, and is poised to continue changing into 2024 - and possibly beyond. Florida painting services providers like Miami-based Florida Painting Company have been closely evaluating the evolutionary elements driving these changes, preparing to make any necessary alterations to the way they do business in response. According to industry insiders, the changes began when a major freeze in Texas - where all of the raw material plants are located for the painting industry - spurred a shortage of all paints from all manufacturers, as well as at least three price increases of at least 30-percent in the last couple of years.

Different grades of paint from major manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and PPG were not made for many months, with a number of these grades supposedly scheduled to return to shelves. However, painting company businesses like Florida Painting Company have reported that many of their representatives are still waiting for some supply chains to return to normal.

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"In our state, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law HB 735 - Preemption of Local Occupational Licensing, which basically means that anyone who is in possession of a paint brush, truck and a few drop cloths can pass themselves off as a painter or painting contractor," explains Florida Painting Company's Sebastian Bednarski. "This is where homeowners need to educate themselves before hiring anyone, not only for painting projects but in industries that previously required a license."

These industries, according to Bednarski, include flooring, cabinetry, interior remodeling, driveway or tennis court installation, handyman services, decorative stone/tile/marble/granite/terrazzo installation, plastering, stuccoing and caulking.

"Even though these licenses will no longer be required by local municipalities, there are ways homeowners can protect themselves, and we've been sharing them with many of our own clients," adds Bednarski. "Any 'non-construction contract' with more than three employees is required to include workers' compensation insurance, and all construction contractors are required to have workers' compensation insurance even if they only employee one individual; the only exception to this are corporate owners or LLC managers, and up to three owners or managers can enjoy compensation exemptions.

"Further, non-owner employees must be covered under workers' compensation, and all contractors should carry liability insurance. Before hiring a contractor, homeowners absolutely need to require the contractor to prove that the company has both liability and workers' comp insurance, and also demand they provide a certificate of insurance for both. Doing this before a homeowner settles on which contractor to use may be the difference between having coverage for a claim or having to pay for a claim out of pocket."

With many contractors preying on uneducated homeowners, experts like Bednarski say that the better educated the general public is during the hiring process, the better protected they are. These painting industry pros also suggest checking the internet to ensure the prospective contractor has a website, and to visit the website to see how polished and encompassing it is.

"It is helpful to check out Google Maps and see how prospective painting businesses show up based on their trade - for example, by entering 'Painters Brickell,' 'Painting Sunny Isles' or 'Paint Companies Edgewater'," concludes Bednarski.

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