ERC Qualification Check for Restaurants: Covid-19 Relief Claim Assistance Update

Published February 18, 2024

With the ERC claim deadline on the 15th of April 2024 quickly approaching, ERTC Express has simplified the application process. Restaurant owners can now fill out a no-obligation online questionnaire to see if they qualify for this federal government funding by just committing 15 minutes to answer a few non-invasive questions.

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With shutdowns, restrictions, and revenue decline, the American restaurant industry was hit hard by the pandemic. To encourage restaurant and hospitality managers to keep their employees on the payroll, the government initiated several financial incentives under the CARES Act of 2020, with the ERC being one part. With almost $2 trillion set aside to support small to medium-sized businesses, this funding is unprecedented, and ERTC Express wants to help more companies receive a tax credit they likely have the right to claim.

By filling out the online form, restaurant and bar owners can find out if they're eligible for the ERC and how much their tax rebate will be. For 2020 tax periods, the cap per W-2 employee is $5,000, and for 2021, it is $21,000, meaning it's possible to get a total of $26,000 per employee for both years.

Those who are running out of time to meet the deadline for 2020 can rest assured that they have until April 2025 to apply for 2021 wages. However, businesses should be aware that the deadline is under investigation and could be accelerated.

ERTC Express specializes in ERC claims and has helped various businesses maximize the COVID-19 relief funding. For example, one restaurant in Houston with 80 W-2 employees received $400,000, and a restaurant ownership group in Florida with 224 W-2 employees got a $1,120,000 credit.

As a CPA that only does ERC applications, ERTC Express can answer common questions and make a fair qualification assessment. Considering there are many misunderstandings regarding this funding, restaurant owners should advise an expert in the area to ensure they don't miss out on this tax credit.

"The ERTC tax incentive is heavily underutilized due to misconceptions surrounding eligibility," a spokesperson for the company said. "Don't dismiss and ignore this because this ERTC funding is very real, and if you are a business owner, you most likely qualify for it and can use it right now in your business."

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