Energy-Efficient Electric Motors For Compressors: Baldor Super-E Range Updated

Published November 24, 2023

Following the announcement, RGM Industrial now offers a wider selection of energy-efficient electrical motors that offer many benefits to users. According to the Department of Energy, these crucial pieces of equipment both save energy and reduce operating costs.

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Energy-efficient motors from the store's updated product range can complete more work per unit of electricity used since they are manufactured with advanced techniques and made from premium materials. The devices are known for having longer insulation life, extended bearing life, less vibration, and lower heat output than competing pieces of equipment.

To be deemed energy-efficient, a motor must meet strict performance thresholds set forth by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). RGM Industrial sells various e-motors that meet this standard, like the Baldor CEM2513T Motor and the CESSWDM3550 Wash-down duty Stainless Steel 1.5HP Motor.

The Baldor CEM2513T is an inverter-ready motor with variable torque speeds. It is commonly used in compressors, material handling, and pumps. The general-purpose device has standard lifting lugs, locked bearing, and flying leads.

The CESSWDM3550 Wash-down duty Stainless Steel 1.5HP Motor is another Energy Star Partner product, offering premium efficiency. RGM Industrial notes several aspects of this piece of equipment that its specialists consider noteworthy, such as its totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure (TENV) which eliminates the need for external cooling, Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise, and CSA, CSA EEV, and UR agency approvals.

RGM Industrial offers many other Baldor Super-E inverter-ready motors, but also highlighting the ST0104 TECO Westinghouse, a device noted for its automatic reset overload, bi-directional rotation, and rolled steel frame. Outside of the brands emphasized in the announcement, RGM Industrial offers e-motors from 12 other notable manufacturers, such as WEG, Siemens, Toshiba and others.

RGM Industrial was founded by a group of commercial product specialists with the intent of offering the most competitive prices for top-quality components, controls, motors, parts, and pumps. Now with decades of experience, the company has forged long-lasting relationships with master distributors throughout the e-motor industry.

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