Emergency Shelf Stable Food Supply, 30-Day High Protein Meal Kits Announced

Published May 15, 2024

Augason Farms' recently announced meal kits are shelf-stable and have a maximum shelf life of over a decade, with some items packaged to last up to 30 years. Several meal kit options are available, with most containing over 300 servings of high-protein, easy-to-prepare meals that deliver over 1,800 calories per day.

For more information, visit https://augasonfarms.com/collections/emergency-kits-coming-soon

A recent survey found that over 50% of American homeowners experience frequent anxiety about hypothetical civil upheaval or natural disasters. Additionally, 61% of respondents anticipated that they would be directly impacted by a natural disaster sometime in the next 5 years.

In reality, the likelihood of a natural disaster is low in most US states, though government organizations including FEMA, the National Weather Service, and others still recommend developing an action plan to prepare for such an event. Meal kits such as those available from Augason Farms can play a vital role in these emergency survival plans.

The company has created these kits specifically to offer an emergency food supply option that balances taste with longevity in a way that many alternatives do not. Each of the 9 available meals has been prepared to prioritize flavor and to be highly filling, while still lasting decades on the shelf without degrading.

Each kit also includes a rationing guide intended to help customers plan meals on a day-by-day basis, with 30 and 45-day plans available that can be adopted depending on the severity of the situation. The guide contains serving size information, preparation instructions, and caloric intake guidelines based on an individual's age and activity level.

The meal kits are self-contained in watertight 8.5-gallon containers and can be easily stacked for ease of storage. The company has recently restocked the specialty versions of the kit, with additional restocks planned for the near future - interested parties can check availability on the Augason Farms website.

The company currently offers shipping to all contiguous US states, with special arrangements required for customers in Alaska and Hawaii. Those interested in these or any other Augason Farms emergency preparedness products can call (800)-878-0099 for more information, or visit the link below to browse the full selection of available meal kit options.

Learn more at https://augasonfarms.com/collections/emergency-kits-coming-soon

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