Edmonton Laser Skin Treatment Course: MedSpa Training To Start A Career Launched

Published November 23, 2023

With this new training program launched by the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, new students can become fully certified in up to a dozen high-demand MedSpa procedures, including laser hair and tattoo removal, laser skin treatments, and fractional ablation.

More information about the new training program, the full list of included techniques, and class registration details can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

Since the end of the recent pandemic, there has been a growing demand for MedSpa employees, both for local clinics and as at-home entrepreneurs. These new training programs from the Dermysk Academy can get new students fully trained and certified to fill those positions, in as little as 8 weeks, with no previous experience or qualifications.

To enroll in the Dermysk Academy's Basic Training, students will only be required to have a high school diploma or some form of relevant work experience. Graduates from this course will be ready to enter the workforce immediately, or they can choose to return to the Academy at any time, to enroll in the Advanced Training.

The Basic Training begins with 7 online modules, which students can complete from anywhere with an internet connection, at their own convenience. The Dermysk Academy does not require students to attend a regular classroom, to be online for regular hours, or to hand in assignments at certain times, until the practical training portion of the course.

While the Dermysk Academy suggests that students typically require approximately one week to complete each online module, they may work as fast or as slow as they require, with no deadlines. Once the online modules are completed, students will be required to attend one week of hands-on, practical training, in person at the nearest Dermysk Academy.

To make the practical training as convenient as possible, the Dermysk Academy has set up training locations all across Canada, next door to their MedSpa clinics. This unique setup serves a dual purpose, by providing training locations from coast-to-coast, and by helping students get real hands-on experience during this portion of the class, by working with real MedSpa tools, clients, and procedures.

One recent graduate explained, "Amazing instructors, and a very nice salon space. Everyone here does their best to help you be comfortable and ready to work in the industry."

More information about individual class options, training locations, and a full list of procedures taught in each course can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

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