Edmonton Laser Skin Treatment Course: Beginner Aesthetician Training Launched

Published November 8, 2023

In response to a growing demand for more aestheticians and a lack of training opportunities, the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has launched a new, full certification program for new medspa workers that provides complete basic training in as little as 8 weeks.

More information about certifications, registration information, and a full list of Dermysk Academy locations can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

The new training course has been optimized using the lessons learned from the recent increase in at-home schooling and combines both online training and hands-on experience. After completing all the online modules, students will get practical training in each technique at the nearest Dermysk Academy training center.

There are no time limits or deadlines on this course, which allows each student to work individually at their own pace. However, the Dermysk Academy estimates that dedicated students can complete the program with as little as 7 weeks of online schooling and one week of in-person training.

To ensure equal opportunity for all students, the Dermysk Academy has removed the requirement for previous qualifications, training, or experience by teaching all essential material in each course. New students will only be required to have a Grade 12 diploma or any form of relevant work experience.

In this Basic training program, students will learn how the medspa industry and popular techniques work, including the science and biology behind laser treatments, and popular beauty products. They will also learn about the health and safety requirements, local laws concerning work-from-home spas, and how to deal with complications.

While this Basic training provides certification in up to a dozen of the most popular medspa techniques, such as laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, and micro-needling, the Dermysk Academy also offers an Advanced course. In this Advanced program, students can learn complex techniques such as body sculpting and laser gynecology.

Graduates from the Basic program can return at any time for additional training - or students may choose to enroll directly in the Master-level course to receive the full training, in a single class. While this is the only class to provide graduates with a "Master of Medical Aesthetics" certificate, the Dermysk Academy reserves the right to limit attendance to only certain highly dedicated students.

More information about individual courses, certifications, and training options can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

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