Durham Content Marketing For Real Estate & Criminal Justice Attorneys Launched

Published February 15, 2024

The agency provides multi-faceted content campaigns for legal clients, helping them to build brand awareness and reach more qualified leads through branded articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

For more information, visit https://hargroveshelpinghand.clientcabin.com/

Hargroves Helping Hand Media-Group recognizes the importance of securing prominent placements on Google, including the 3-pack for local search visibility - and prioritizes publishing content on platforms that have established high domain authority. Through association, attorneys then gain name recognition and brand awareness as well as improved online ranking.

Ranking on page one of search engines is critical for visibility, the agency says. According to a study by Google, 86% of Maps users are searching for local businesses. By regularly publishing optimized, engaging content, Hargroves Helping Hand Media-Group will improve clients' discoverability and help convert online visitors into customers.

An integral part of the service is creating thought leadership content that establishes attorneys as experts in their field. Professionally written articles published on popular websites demonstrate knowledge while providing value to readers seeking legal guidance. This boosts credibility and separates businesses from their competition.

Hargroves Helping Hand Media-Group also produces visual mediums to showcase services in eye-catching ways. Slideshows, infographics, and other visual assets simplify complex information and make a lasting impact on potential clients, the agency says.

Further expanding reach across channels, the agency produces videos optimized for YouTube and podcast episodes distributed on various directories. Video is especially crucial, with 82% of all internet traffic coming from videos last year - but podcasts offer a way to use audio to reach a wider audience.

The ultimate goal of the service is to help real estate and criminal justice attorneys build their brand, increase visibility, and grow their client base. By publishing content on a consistent basis, the agency aims to establish firms as authoritative voices that prospects can rely on for legal guidance.

A spokesperson states: "Our team consists of writers, developers, and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients, and customers in a variety of industries."

Those wishing to learn more can visit https://hargroveshelpinghand.clientcabin.com/

Hargroves Helping Hand Media-Group

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