Diesel Engine Enhancements For Heavy-Duty Trucks: Cummins ISX Collection Expands

Published April 16, 2024

Diesel truck drivers and owners of Cummins ISX engines can now experience better performance and efficiency with Tameless Performance's expanded collection of turbochargers. Compared to a stock unit, these turbochargers for Cummins ISX engines are available with options for a larger compressor inducer (64mm or 67mm). This allows for more airflow, which increases horsepower and torque output.

More details can be found at https://tamelessperformance.com/products/he400vg-he451ve-turbocharger-for-cummins-isx-64mm-fleece-performance

The announcement comes in response to the growing demand for reliable and high-performance American-made diesel engine parts. From turbochargers to drivetrain and chassis enhancements, Tameless Performance provides quality customization options for daily drivers and those focused on engine performance. Fans of off-roading, hauling, or diesel-powered rigs can upgrade their trucks for increased horsepower, torque, and overall performance.

Available in 64mm and 67mm variants, the turbocharger for Cummins ISX engines is a direct replacement for Cummins ISX CM2250 and CM2350 models. These turbochargers feature a new Holset actuator, an air intake temperature sensor, a turbine speed sensor, a turbine flange gasket, and mounting studs and nuts, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with existing engine systems for optimal performance.

Tameless Performance's turbochargers for Cummins ISX engines display impressive specifications, including coolant ports (M18x1.5), an oil feed port (M14x1.5), a 4.0-inch compressor intake, and a 2.9-inch compressor outlet. The compressor wheel features a 7x7 blade count, while the turbine wheel has an 11-blade count, ensuring efficient airflow and maximum power delivery.

Beyond the performance gains, Tameless Performance's turbochargers for Cummins ISX engines offer numerous benefits to diesel truck drivers. These turbochargers are engineered to provide smoother acceleration, improved responsiveness, and the ability to tackle challenging terrains and heavy loads with ease. Compared to the stock CM2250 and CM2350 models, the HE400VG/HE451VE turbocharger is equipped with larger compressor inducers (64mm and 67mm) for increased airflow, allowing for more power and better fuel efficiency.

About Tameless Performance

Tameless Performance has over 20 years of experience in diesel repair and diesel performance parts distribution. As a diesel performance company, it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Learn more about their collection of state-of-the-art diesel performance technology at https://tamelessperformance.com/collections/turbocharger

"We're not just in the business of selling parts; we're in the business of creating monsters on wheels," said Aaron Reynolds, the founder of Tameless Performance. "Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-packed race rig or a torque-monster workhorse, we've got the right performance solutions to fit your diesel dreams."

Interested parties can find more information at https://tamelessperformance.com/products/he400vg-he451ve-turbocharger-for-cummins-isx-67mm-fleece-performance

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