Delray Beach Mental Wellness: Hypnotherapy Services For Self-Confidence Launched

Published February 27, 2024

Going in line with their mission of helping their clients achieve long-term personal growth, certified celebrity hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion and her team are now offering hypnotherapy to individuals in Delray Beach looking to overcome their mental and emotional blocks.

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HEAL YOURSELF Therapy says that, despite common misconceptions, hypnosis does not result in loss of control; any individual undergoing hypnotherapy retains complete awareness of their surroundings and will remember what occurred during their session. Because this form of therapy focuses on self-empowerment and positive reinforcement, it can be used as an alternative to traditional therapy and medication for mild depression and anxiety disorders. Carrion and her team also employ hypnosis to assist clients in improving mental health, boosting self-confidence, addressing phobias, coping with grief or trauma, and breaking harmful habits, among other focus areas.

Carrion acknowledges that every person is unique, and she will first take the time to understand her client's objectives to better tailor her services to their needs. During a typical HEAL YOURSELF Therapy hypnosis session, she or another hypnotherapist will help the recipient relax their physical body, allowing them to become more conscious of their emotions, mindsets, and habits. By reaching this state of heightened self-awareness, clients will be able to identify their negative thought patterns, after which they will receive guidance on changing them in a way that will support them in attaining their goals.

Individuals can book appointments with HEAL YOURSELF Therapy at their Delray Beach | Boca Raton location in Florida, or their Los Angeles and Northern California offices in California. Those who are out of state can also schedule hypnosis sessions over the phone, which Carrion says are as effective as in-person appointments.

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With over 16 years of hands-on experience in delivering hypnotherapy to Hollywood celebrities, best-selling artists and authors, athletes, and other high-profile clients, Carrion and her team at HEAL YOURSELF Therapy remain committed to helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Carrion's expertise in the field has allowed her to garner recognition nationwide, and she has been featured on various television shows, radio shows, and podcasts.

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