Day Trading Coaching Chat Room For Beginner Traders: Learning Platform Updated

Published February 10, 2024

The latest move affirms the platform's reputation as one of the web's most innovative learning resources for stock market novices. The mentorship program offers industry-leading access to a panel of successful, professional traders who have overseen millions of dollars worth of business during their careers.

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The newly expanded mentorship offering connects beginners and struggling intermediate traders with private coaches for one-to-one and group sessions. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and have their trades reviewed. Sessions are held via voice calls or by direct messaging seven days a week. There are no limits imposed on the number of sessions that can be held in any given week.

MIC is built around its busy chatroom - a global online community with over 2,000 active members. Mentorship subscribers get automatic access to the chatroom and can connect with like-minded individuals to share tips and receive invaluable peer support.

The coaching syllabus has been updated with new fundamental analysis tutorials. The teaching team demonstrates how this technique can be used in conjunction with technical analysis to identify the most suitable trading candidates based on both external events and price history.

Classes also cover topics such as options trading, hedge fund strategies, SEC filings, broker regulations, sector hype and craze, and the often overlooked risk management.

In addition to mentoring sessions, new content is uploaded to the platform daily, and watchlists and blueprints are available before the market opens, giving members a head start. Furthermore, members can get access to weekly webinars featuring live market recaps and regular Q&A sessions with more seasoned traders.

Another recently launched feature is the live trading room. This gives an over-the-shoulder view of professional day traders at work with an accompanying commentary.

The mentorship program costs $3,995 for one year and there are also lifetime subscription options available.

A spokesperson says, "The biggest shortcut to success in any field is through 1-on-1 mentorship with those who are exceptional. Because we truly want our members to succeed, we offer this on an unlimited basis for voice chat & direct messages, without having to pay a massive consulting fee."

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