Custom Bonnet Vinyl Wraps for VW Vans T4 T5 T6 launched in Cottingham, Hull, UK

Published December 29, 2023

Cottingham, Hull, UK - To Do Designs, the renowned local creative hub and online destination at, has today unveiled a compelling new service for Volkswagen van enthusiasts and savvy business owners. Custom bonnet vinyl wraps for VW T4, T5, and T6 models are now available, providing a standout branding opportunity that combines aesthetic appeal with mobile marketing power.

In an era where distinctiveness is crucial for business success, To Do Designs offers a way to transform VW vans into eye-catching, roving advertisements or personal statements. With a history of producing a wide range of canvas prints, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters, business cards, and even handcrafted furniture, To Do Designs is now steering their expertise toward the automotive industry.

"As the streets of East Yorkshire continue to brim with the vibrancy of local businesses, we noticed a niche for vehicle customization that goes beyond mere decoration," said Paul, owner of To Do Designs. "Our custom bonnet wraps for VW vans are designed to make an impact, echoing the same commitment to quality and individuality that we apply to all our bespoke products."

The company's design team collaborates closely with clients to craft personalized artwork that reflects their brand or personal style. From sharp, professional graphics for businesses to creative, fun designs for VW aficionados, there's no limit to the personalization available.

What sets To Do Designs apart is not only their unique products but also their advanced printing technology. Their in-house LED laser printer excels at applying white ink, achieving outstanding results on dark-colored garments. This innovation translates seamlessly into their custom bonnet wraps, ensuring that every detail is as crisp and striking as their popular t-shirt prints.

"To Do Designs is not just a print shop; it's a solution for business owners who understand that every touchpoint with customers needs to be impactful. Our bonnet wraps turn heads and start conversations," Paul elaborated.

The custom bonnet wraps are designed, printed, and fitted at the To Do Designs local shop, located at 14-16 George Street, Cottingham, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU16 5QU. Open from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and available for pre-booked appointments on Saturdays, the shop offers a full suite of services to meet diverse promotional needs.

For those who value a tangible touch in a digital world, To Do Designs brings craftsmanship and convenience to the forefront of business branding and personal expression. Customers are encouraged to explore the possibilities and drive their brand forward with a one-of-a-kind bonnet vinyl wrap.

About To Do Designs: To Do Designs is a print shop and design studio passionate about creating unique items that celebrate personal style and business branding. With a comprehensive online store and a welcoming local shop in Cottingham, Hull, they offer a variety of bespoke design services, from wall art to wearable merchandise. To Do Designs takes pride in their customer-centric approach, ensuring every creation is as memorable and individual as their clientele.

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