Crown Chakra Essential Oil Roller Blend Recipes: Aromatherapy Guide Released

Published November 24, 2023

Its latest release specifically delves into the scents and intended purpose of such essential oils in terms of their targeted effects. With Loving Essential Oils describing the Crown chakra as a conduit that channels spiritual growth, its guide examines blends and rollers with ingredient mixtures designed to harness this connection between the body and spirit.

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Authored by certified aromatherapist and essential oil enthusiast Jennifer Lane, the new guide is added to a library of resources with the aim of exploring different blends. Her Crown chakra resource accompanies similar posts looking at essential oils for beginners and diffuser blend recipes.

In her recent guide, Lane points to the Crown chakra as one of seven central chakras - each found at varying points along the human spine. According to Lane, certain essential oil mixtures can open these chakras - her resource is written to help readers discover blends suited to the Crown chakra in particular.

"Crown chakra essential oil blends can be used to balance the chakra which is associated with wisdom, spiritual connection, and bliss," writes Lane in her guide. "When the Crown chakra is in balance, we feel spiritually connected and at peace with the world."

In its guide, Loving Essential Oils provides a selection of DIY blend recipes. As described by Lane, they are geared toward balancing the Crown chakra in pursuit of greater wellbeing. Readers can use them either by inhaling them via a diffuser or by applying the diluted blends directly to their scalp.

Among others, Loving Essential Oils cites frankincense and lavender as some of the most important ingredients for Crown chakra-oriented essential oil blends. Jennifer Lane draws a connection between frankincense and spiritual liberation through tranquil ascension - while calling lavender useful for its meditative qualities.

The guide also lists handcrafted roll-on blends and home recipes by Jennifer Lane - with each aiming for radically different effects through the Crown and other chakra points.

As written by Jennifer Lane: "These oils may be used individually or in combination with each other to stimulate the chakras opening, while providing it with much-needed energy boosts. With regular use, these oils could potentially lead towards improved mental clarity, spiritual awareness, as well as overall health benefits."

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