Criminal Screening & Drug Testing For Volunteers: Background Checks Announced

Published February 29, 2024

Choice Background Checks is pleased to now be offering its comprehensive criminal screening, driving records, and drug testing checks to organizations that rely on the dedication and contributions of volunteers. The nationwide agency believes that NGOs, charitable organizations and other community groups deserve to have access to the same high-quality screening services that businesses have come to rely on.

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While background checks have become a normal process in paid employment, they are less utilized in volunteer work. However, as volunteers often interact with members of the community who are in need, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and more, Choice Background Checks knows that ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of volunteers is paramount.

As such, Choice Background Checks' new volunteer screening services offers:

1. Comprehensive Criminal Screening: Choice Background Checks employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct thorough criminal background checks, offering organizations peace of mind when engaging with volunteers.

2. Driving Records Checks: Choice Background Checks will also verify the driving records of volunteers who may be involved in transportation-related activities, ensuring responsible and reliable individuals are entrusted with such responsibilities.

3. Drug Testing Services: Choice Background Checks will also provide a drug testing service to help organizations uphold their commitment to safety and accountability, especially for those organizations that work with vulnerable members of the community.

Choice Background Checks' decision to extend these services to charities and NGOs showcases their commitment to contributing to safer communities. By assisting volunteer-driven organizations, the background check specialists hope to help them find the right volunteers, and to ensure they make staffing decisions that enhance the overall effectiveness and integrity of their operations.

As part of their new volunteer service, Choice Background Checks is also offering special pricing packages for charities and NGOs.

About Choice Background Checks

Choice Background Checks is a trusted nationwide provider of background checks for tenants, employers, investors, and, now, charitable and community organizations.

A representative for a Californian NGO that recently made use of their services said, "This team of professionals provided the best full-service background checking service I've ever used. Extremely affordable, thorough and expedient. This makes Choice Background Checks my #1 go-to service. Excellent."

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