Content Clusters, News Articles Drive Massive Organic Traffic to Goodyear Brakes

Published April 18, 2024

WSI, a leading digital marketing agency, has just released a compelling case study showcasing the remarkable impact of implementing content clusters and news articles for Goodyear Brakes. This strategic approach has resulted in millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of clicks, demonstrating sustained success even three years after the brand's launch in 2020.

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Goodyear Brakes launched its direct-to-consumer website in 2020, initially relying on bottom-of-the-funnel tactics like paid search. However, their strategic investment in content clusters and news articles proved to be a game-changer, driving substantial organic traffic growth even three years later.

Rick Knutsen, WSI CEO, stated "selling ubiquitous products like brakes requires investing in platforms like Google and Amazon to capture immediate demand, but forward-thinking brands also prioritize long-term organic traffic strategies."

Goodyear Brakes complemented its paid search efforts with a content marketing approach, publishing awareness-level content about brake pads, rotors, and calipers to capture consumers who may be unaware of the offerings. This initiative generated impressive results in 2024, 3 years into the campaign:

- 5 million impressions

- 75,000 clicks

- 100,000 ranked keywords

The impact was evident soon after the content rollout between May and August 2021, with monthly organic traffic metrics exhibiting substantial incremental increases, resulting in an impressive 8-month partial Year 1:

- 1.1 million impressions

- 9,800 clicks

- 13,000 ranked keywords

Knutsen added, "brands demand immediate success, and that's why they invest in search. Developing content clusters and news articles drive long-term success, allowing the brand to leverage its catalog of on and offline content for years to come."

Year 2 reflected further acceleration:

- 3.1 million impressions

- 50,000 clicks

- 48,000 ranked keywords

Since 2021, Google has released many updates to its search algorithm. Given the acceleration of Goodyear Brakes' results during this period, using a strategic content marketing approach allowed Goodyear Brakes to establish a strong organic presence and establish the brand as a valuable resource for consumers to find brake-related information.

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