ClipFuse AI By Anjani Kumar: Automated YouTube Video Advertising App Launched

Published February 26, 2024

The newly announced software allows users to use any YouTube video and layer custom advertisements over the content without paying for ads - or recording any content of their own. The software uses one-click technology to add calls to action on niche videos, helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their online presence and build credibility.

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Using the app, businesses can promote both products and services from any influencer video, using their platform and audience to attract new customers - and because it uses AI technology, no additional experience is required to get started, and videos can be posted in minutes.

With over 70% of YouTube viewers purchasing after seeing a brand on the platform according to The Social Shepherd, ClipFuse AI provides a unique opportunity for businesses looking to improve reach, engagement, and conversion. When fans share creator content, they extend the reach of attached ads - and as clips spread across platforms, embedded links gain more impressions and clicks.

While traditional YouTube advertising is costly, ClipFuse AI offers a budget-friendly solution, offering no-cost advertising that's accessible to new business owners.

The app has customizable playlists, uses YouTube's built-in video hosting, and offers mobile optimization to engage customers across platforms. Users can curate video content, ensure brand consistency with hosted videos, and run campaigns on the go.

ClipFuse AI also offers full support for 360-degree videos and virtual reality for a more immersive advertising experience, regardless of where users embed their content.

For additional customization, the video player itself can be rebranded by removing YouTube logos and branding elements, and users can add their own name, logo, and imagery to create a more cohesive look and feel. Alternatively, brands can opt to keep the familiar YouTube style if they want to leverage a particular creator's authority.

A spokesperson states: "ClipFuse is the only app that can force adds on YouTube videos and drive thousands of clicks to any link, then embed those videos anywhere online."

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