Chicago AI Lead Generation & Content Creation: Sales & Marketing Platform Update

Published May 24, 2024

Technoid Solutions' automated sales and marketing platform can be used by businesses in almost any industry. Following the recent system updates, Technoid Mainstay acts as an independent sales and marketing agent, increasing website traffic, sales leads, online visibility, and more for clients.

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Technoid Solutions is dedicated to facilitating business growth, working to increase customer engagement for clients across diverse platforms, including websites, social media, email, SMS, and more. With Technoid Mainstay, businesses will be able to streamline the entire customer journey from discovery to advocacy.

"Capitalizing on its advanced AI capabilities, Technoid Mainstay emulates human-like interactions, delivering a personalized and efficient customer journey that fuels unparalleled business growth," said a spokesperson for the platform.

One of Technoid Mainstay's core features is high-quality content generation for blogs, case studies, social media, and other channels. By implementing tailored content and SEO tactics like keyword selection, the AI platform is able to drive more traffic for clients.

Another core feature of the platform is its AI sales chatbot that converts website visitors to tangible leads. This feature coordinates follow-ups through various mediums like email or SMS, using effective sales strategies to secure new customers. The chatbot's multilingual capabilities, use of natural human language, and ability to pull customer reviews from Google and Yelp make the AI platform an efficient lead generator.

Technoid Mainstay provides an easy, straightforward setup for clients where all they need to do is add a single line of code to their website. The platform also offers seamless integration with CRM and social media platforms.

About Technoid Solutions

Technoid Solutions offers top-quality digital marketing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Chicago. With the company's latest AI innovation, more businesses in the city will have the opportunity to maximize productivity, elevate sales and profits, and increase brand awareness.

"Discover the fusion of AI capabilities and human-like connections. Technoid Mainstay from Technoid Solutions transforms sales and marketing by actively involving leads, scheduling meetings and propelling expansion across diverse platforms," the spokesperson added.

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