ChatGPT-Powered Tools For B2B Sales Prospecting Via Personalized Emails, Update

Published February 27, 2024

As part of its updated service, Kalendar.AI offers business owners a simple way to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate meetings, instigate new subscriptions, and increase revenue opportunities. The AI agents find a relevant audience from a network of over 300 million businesses and generate advertising slots from an AI-prepped email database on behalf of its clients.

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According to the announcement, Kalendar.AI's ads typically generate more than ten times as many conversions as traditional promotional materials. The autonomous sales agents built through the platform facilitate efficient, targeted generation of B2B leads in a way that solely human efforts cannot match.

The platform provides access to a personalized email marketing solution that helps users locate and identify the most relevant prospects within target companies. The tool generates contact details including phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles - all of which are based on publicly available information and do not compromise data protection regulations. The services are all compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM guidelines.

Kalendar.AI helps businesses connect with their target audiences via its large database, creating personalized invitations, which have been found to be more effective than standard email marketing campaigns, the team says. The emails contain 'icebreakers' which combine lead research including school history and industry news.

The agency builds a back-end email client that is capable of delivering invitations at scale. Through a live interactive chat window, the agent relays more information and invites potential leads to book a meeting. The team notes that while sourcing, engagement, and scheduling are commonly looked after by separate companies, with Kalendar.AI, all of these elements are handled in one package.

Small businesses will also benefit from Kalendar.AI's affordability: for many smaller ventures, customer acquisition costs through conventional channels are simply beyond their budgets. AI reduces the need for manpower and puts advanced technology into the hands of those who need it most, the team explains.

An impressed Kalendar.AI email recipient says, "Your email is so well personalized that I feel compelled to not only check out but also respond. (Kudos to your marketer)." Another adds, "I like the pitch and your research. It made me not hit delete and look at what you do."

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