Car Dealership Budget Sustainability & Utility Bill Auditing Service Announced

Published February 29, 2024

The recently announced expense management tool helps to identify areas of financial waste within a corporation and negotiate rate reductions and refunds for services like gas, electric, sewer/waste, internet, and security.

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As utility costs continue to rise across the United States, the new announcement from Recession Resister highlights the fact that many car dealerships and other types of industries may be regularly overpaying for their bills.

A recent Forbes report shows that many American businesses are being charged too much for regular services, with steep costs often pushing business owners outside their budgets. The Bill Saver platform from Recession Resister provides a way to streamline expense management so that companies can become more sustainable and reduce overheads.

"Our job is to save you money and time," explains a company spokesperson. "Bill Saver's team of skilled negotiation experts and smart technology combine to ensure you're not being overcharged, so you can sit back and start enjoying the savings."

As part of the bill auditing aspect of Bill Saver, the team reviews a company's past bills and spending patterns to find areas where refunds or reductions may be possible, spanning a period of several years.

They'll also contact service providers directly to negotiate lower rates for areas like phone, satellite, water delivery, pest control, and payroll management. No changes to existing service packages are necessary, and if they identify a better rate with a different provider, they'll switch a client's accounts automatically at the end of a pay period.

The energy efficiency component of Bill Saver includes an in-depth review and analysis of large appliances in a workplace facility - like freezers, coolers, and HVAC systems - to help spot high consumption trends and reduce energy costs.

Finally, Bill Saver's team of professionals will provide a car dealership with practical advice on how to apply better tax strategies to maximize credits and refunds, as well as how to implement better employee retention methods and eliminate fees associated with merchant processing services.

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