Calabasas Digital Dentures For Non-Surgical Facelift: Dental Treatment Updated

Published November 25, 2023

Using the latest technology and an updated in-house dental laboratory, the Anacapa Dental Arts Institute is able to create precisely sized dentures for any patient that will provide a non-surgical facelift effect simply by being worn. While this effect is visible in most patients, it is most noticeable in individuals with previously missing teeth and worn or aged dentures.

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While this new technique uses only traditional dentures, they can be optimized to make aesthetic adjustments to each patient's face. Options may include providing larger smiles, non-surgical facelifts, or correcting "face collapse," a condition that happens to some individuals who are missing most of their original teeth.

It is well known that dentures can cause significant changes to an individual's face, but many denturists are focused primarily on the patient's teeth, and not the full-face effect caused by prosthetics. The Anacapa Dental team takes a different approach by working closely with patients to ensure they end up with the facial profile they desire, without sacrificing the quality or function of their prosthetic.

When scheduling an appointment, patients are encouraged to discuss their desired outcome in detail, so that adjustments can be planned in advance. One common adjustment includes making the new dentures slightly longer, which results in patients having a larger smile.

This technique is popular for several reasons, primarily because it can help to provide the appearance of a facelift without requiring any surgery. This is because as patients age and their teeth wear down, it is possible to suffer minor or even major "face collapse," once there are no teeth to hold the jaw apart properly.

Patients can also discuss options to have their smiles brightened, or to have implants permanently installed using the Anacapa Dental team's All-on-4 service. With the All-on-4 service, dentures can be attached to permanently implanted posts for a more secure fit, and the entire operation can be completed in a single visit.

The Anacapa Dental Art Institute also has fully trained and certified sedation specialists standing by, so patients can access four levels of sedation for a fully painless visit.

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