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Published February 15, 2024

The newly published guide discusses the importance of email marketing for driving sales as well as the various strategies and subjects businesses may wish to adopt to create better customer engagement.

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Drawing on his extensive marketing background and aptitude for current marketing trend analysis, Scott Hall released the guide in response to the consumer research suggesting that newsletter marketing is having a resurgence of popularity. According to subject specialists, 37% of brands are increasing their email marketing budget for the coming year. This, as Scott Hall explains, is most likely to capitalize on 2023 customer surveys which found that Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X most often use their email for online shopping.

"So much of digital marketing focuses on quick, snappy social media or video content, but you ignore the more traditional long-form email newsletter at your peril," says Scott Hall, founder of and author of the new guide. "A good newsletter helps you curate and showcase your product or service in a way which adds value to your customer. It is, therefore, an essential part of building that all important returning customer relationship."

Exploring the innovative ways a business can add value to their newsletters forms the core part of Scott Hall's guide. Providing expert advice, celebrating success stories, and offering exclusive promotions are the methods Scott rates as the most likely to engage with customers and increase the click-through rate to the company's own website.

According to the guide, content is often the primary focus for businesses starting a newsletter. However, how that content is presented is equally important. Clean layout, eye-catching visuals, and choosing the right typography can impact how readers engage with the newsletter.

"Your newsletter should tell the story of your company, your product, and how you want your customer to feel. If they have to decipher cryptic text or search through clashing colours and busy images to find what they are looking for, then you will lose them," explains Scott.

As with any monetized marketing strategy, there is an element of trial and refinement required. Scott Hall's newsletter guide details how to gauge the success of each newsletter and the best tools to help with ROI analysis.

About Scott Hall

A digital content marketing expert and published author, Scott Hall helps entrepreneurs and small businesses improve their online visibility from his New York, NY, office. His company,, provides a support network of writers, developers and advertising professionals who specialize in growing their SME's clientbase to increase profit margins with a minimal stress on resources.

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