Business Formation & Entrepreneur Mindset Book By Mashi Epting Launched

Published February 7, 2024

The new book covers Mashi's journey from a teenage mother raised in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of Monroe, Los Angeles, to her life today as a multi-faceted business mogul.

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Readers will learn practical lessons that they can apply to their entrepreneurship journey and mindset strategies that they can implement to change their business trajectory and achieve their growth goals. The book can be ordered online through Mashi's site, where she also offers editable social media flyers, web design services, and Business 101 training packages.

A spokesperson states: "This journey from humble origins to entrepreneurial triumph is not just a book; it's your guide to sculpting dreams into a thriving, multi-faceted business empire. Don't miss out on the chance to be inspired, educated, and empowered."

A recent Forbes report highlighted that 63% of small business owners launch their companies without any guidance. Studies have shown mentoring is critical as entrepreneurs build and expand their businesses in a difficult economic environment, and the book acts as a thorough guide to help identify the most promising opportunities and scale them successfully.

Drawing from her own experience, Mashi outlines the core components required as an entrepreneur to formalize and grow a business. This includes insights on business formation, growth strategies, marketing techniques, financial management, content creation, emotional intelligence, and more. The book aims to shortcut the trial-and-error process for business leaders, providing them with actionable tips to help them elevate their companies.

For those desiring more personalized support, Mashi also offers one-on-one coaching programs, which can be arranged through her company website. This includes a 60-day mentoring session helping entrepreneurs achieve their individual goals across all facets of their company. Her hands-on approach covers everything from product development to HR and tax filing, ensuring leaders have expert guidance to realize their full potential.

A no-cost, 15-minute call is available for those wanting to know more about her services, and these can be expanded to 30-minute calls and two-hour, in-person meetings.

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Mashi Epting LLC
+1 318 538 4761
1011 N 9th Street
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