Brentwood, TN Financial Planner For Retirement; Investment Advisory Announced

Published November 24, 2023

The goal of this updated service is to create a continuous income stream that can sustain individuals in their golden years. By using a holistic strategy, Goldstone Financial Group can ensure that a client's assets will yield healthy profits that can weather market volatility.

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The financial planning company optimizes customers' current income sources to both generate wealth and preserve it for future use. All clients will be serviced by licensed financial planners who have a fiduciary duty to protect the latter's interests.


According to data from the US Census Bureau, poverty incidence among Americans aged 65 and older currently sits at 10%. While there are many factors for this occurrence, Goldstone Financial Group says that lack of planning and longer lifespans are key contributors.

To prevent this scenario, the consulting firm says early intervention is paramount. Its financial planning service focuses on three areas:


Most Americans will receive Social Security benefits upon retirement, but certain strategies can optimize their payouts. These include delaying claims, maximizing earnings before retirement, and taking into account spousal benefits. Goldstone Financial Group can help customers determine which course of action suits their specific circumstances


At the same time, the firm will advise clients on how best to invest their money to generate returns. It emphasizes diversification to mitigate the risks inherent in the stock market. Assets will be thoughtfully divided between long-term investments (real estate and individual retirement accounts), as well as mid-term ones (certificates of deposits and index funds). Clients can rest assured that financial advisors will take into account their financial goals when laying out a retirement plan.


Taxation can have a significant effect on an individual's retirement income, especially their investments. Goldstone Financial Group has in-depth knowledge of tax-advantaged accounts and deductions (such as for medical expenses) to make sure that clients hold onto more of their hard-earned money.

A spokesperson says: "It's never too early to plan for retirement and our team is here to help you chart a path forward. No matter what your goals may be, we can create a bespoke plan that gives you peace of mind about the future."

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