Blogi, Todd Gross: Human-Like AI Content Generation App For Bloggers Launched

Published April 16, 2024

The newly launched app generates content from 10 different AI models, allowing it to sound more "human-like." This prevents content from being considered spam by Google and improves its chances of ranking higher in search results.

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With Blogi, entrepreneurs can enter a specific topic and instantly generate a variety of fresh articles. These can then be posted to their blog, with full SEO optimization carried out automatically, along with fully automated image or infographic design based on the content of each article.

The Google update came into effect in March this year and was intended to address the issue of spam and low-quality content. But the app creators point out that it has also led many businesses to struggle to maintain their rankings, which is why they designed Blogi as a solution. Now business owners can generate professional-grade, original content that is tailored to the preferences of both readers and search engines.

Content rewriting is also a key focal point: Blogi users can follow and engage with other content creators within the platform, and repurpose and rewrite existing articles, so the blogs they create are unique while still benefiting from the insights and expertise of their peers.

The app also has multilingual capabilities, enabling users to translate and rewrite content from different languages, and opening up new opportunities for businesses to reach a global audience and expand their online presence.

According to a recent report by BrightEdge, organic web listings account for 73% of all clicks on search engine results pages - and by leveraging Blogi's cutting-edge technology, users can now optimize their content and improve their ranking, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement.

A spokesperson states: "If you're creating content that Google deems low-quality, redundant, or simply not up to par, it's at risk of being relegated to Google's SPAM bucket. And we all know what happens to content in the SPAM bucket - it disappears from search engine results. But here's the silver lining: not all AI content is doomed."

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