Bill Savings Tool With Actionable Insights For Recently Laid Off Workers Updated

Published April 18, 2024

This newly announced update is intended to help those whose jobs were terminated save on household expenses like television, internet, mobile, and utility costs through smart Bill Saver technology. Recession Resister identifies billing errors and inflated service rates, and negotiates refunds on behalf of consumers, potentially saving households thousands of dollars annually.

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As layoffs in the US reach a 14-month high, individuals shouldering the brunt of company contractions will be looking for ways to keep household expenses in check. To help consumers put instant cost-cutting measures into play without sacrificing on their monthly services, Recession Resister now offers a tool that reveals areas where individuals are being overcharged by their service providers. The company can also have these overages refunded retroactively.

"Americans are overpaying for basic household services by a staggering $60 billion each year," says a company spokesperson. "Recession Resister was designed to identify and refund these overpayments, and to negotiate fair market prices on utilities and telecommunications on behalf of our customers."

In 2023 the Federal Trade Commission proposed a rule that would prohibit junk fees in areas like hotel costs, concert tickets, and utilities which cost consumers billions in unexpected costs annually. The deadline on the passing of this rule has since been extended, leaving consumers to find, dispute, and resolve bogus charges on their own.

In addition, a study conducted by Reach Mobile found that 90 percent of Americans are overpaying for unlimited data plans.

Individuals can now quickly determine if they're being overcharged for telecommunications, utilities, and other monthly services - whether through hidden fees, posting errors, or inflated service rates - with Recession Resister's Bill Saver technology.

Bill Saver quickly uncovers erroneous charges, providing customers with detailed reporting on these expenses. The company's negotiations team secures reimbursements and corrections on behalf of the consumer, saving them time and money.

Recession Resister also provides an automatic energy switching service that connects consumers with service providers charging the lowest available market rates without interrupting the services they've been receiving.

Individuals who've been laid off from their jobs will naturally focus on tightening household budgets. Recession Resister offers valuable insights into areas of potential cost-cutting, and steps in on behalf of the individual to finalize reimbursements and secure future savings.

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