Bill Negotiation, Auditing Service For Real Estate Agents, Brokers Updated

Published June 6, 2024

Real estate agents can now improve their long-term financial stability through a service that manages monthly bills and contractual obligations. Recession Resister has a team of expert negotiators who manually secure better monthly rates for clients, resulting in an instant reduction in expenses.

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The team explains that most businesses across the country are overpaying for their monthly contracts, and part of the challenge is that the cost of services has increased by a small amount over time or hidden fees have been added. Recession Resister reduces expenses in the background so that real estate agents can focus on their core business operations.

Realtors and brokers often face numerous recurring costs, including internet, satellite, alarm systems, and energy bills. These can add up quickly and significantly impact their bottom line, particularly during challenging economic times, the team explains.

According to data gathered by Recession Resister, about 80% of businesses in the US are overpaying for contracted services, underscoring the need for cost-effective solutions to help them optimize their outgoings.

To reduce costs, clients can upload their paperwork through the company's secure online portal. Once the contracts are submitted, the team will initiate negotiations with the respective service providers on the client's behalf.

Within approximately six weeks, Recession Resister will present clients with new options and potential savings opportunities. Importantly, clients retain full control over whether they choose to switch to the negotiated deals or maintain their current arrangements.

Recession Resister's services are offered on a contingency basis, ensuring that clients only pay for tangible results. The company charges a fee of 50% of the realized savings, eliminating any upfront costs for clients. This risk-free model allows real estate professionals to plan for the long term more effectively.

A spokesperson states: "Millions of businesses are overpaying for their monthly expenses, including phone, cable, internet, satellite, security, and more. But you can start saving on these expenses and put more money back into your business, and it won't cost you a dime unless you save."

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