Best Reading & Literacy Programs For Preschool Children: 2023 Guide Announced

Published November 24, 2023

The recently announced guide includes detailed reviews of several popular literacy programs that are available for homeschoolers or preschools, including Reading Head Start, Reading Eggs, Raz-Kids, Scholastic Learn at Home, and Hooked on Phonics.

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Recognizing the importance of literacy in giving children the skills they need for school readiness and academic success, the 2023 guide to reading programs from Largest Audience Media examines key aspects of each literacy system, including cost, accessibility, and quality of materials.

Studies published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health show that the development of literacy skills during early childhood - especially the preschool and kindergarten years - is a fundamental aspect of healthy cognitive development and correlates strongly with success as an adult. With the guide to reading programs from Largest Audience Media, parents, educators, and caregivers can make informed choices about which programs to use in the home or in a more formal educational environment. "Reading skills help your child build a strong foundation for a successful life," says a spokesperson. "Every book they read expands their horizons and strengthens their cognitive ability."

The guide provides objective feedback for each of the top five recommended reading programs, focusing on age-appropriateness, types of pedagogical methods used, and theoretical foundations, noting instances where programs have been developed by leading literacy experts.

Parents and other readers will also gain insight into each program's material, including the kinds of songs, games, or other activities that are used to help develop literacy skills in young children, along with reading lists.

The review team also touches on aspects of accessibility and cost, noting that some programs, such as Raz-Kids and Reading Eggs, are available on a subscription basis only, which can be expensive for some families or organizations.

Finally, the guide finishes its series of reading program reviews with three key pieces of advice for all caregivers who seek to instill a love of reading in children: set goals, monitor progress, and provide consistent support and encouragement at each stage of the process.

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