AVRillo Conveyancing Releases Report On Legal Aspects Of Buying A Home In The UK

Published November 8, 2023

Titled "The Conveyancing Process: A Roller Coaster Ride," AVRillo Conveyancing's new report was released as property prices in the U.K. continue to rise, signifying strong housing demand. CEO Angelo Piccirillo says the report provides insights that can help readers avoid delays when transferring the rights of a property from one party to another.

AVRillo Conveyancing's full report is available at https://avrillo.co.uk/the-conveyancing-process-a-roller-coaster-ride/

In the new report, the company discusses the process of conveyancing, with a special focus on the financial losses buyers or sellers might incur if it is not done correctly. Likewise, it explains the key tasks a trustworthy conveyancer must perform to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Emphasizing the deep involvement of conveyancers in real estate transactions, the latest report offers advice on how to find reputable partners. As Piccirillo notes, 40% of all complaints against lawyers are directed toward conveyancers -- often because of glaring mistakes. Readers are given tips regarding which online platforms they can use to verify a conveyancing firm's credentials, as well as how to review a contract before signing on.

The report concludes by offering a comprehensive FAQ section. Through this, buyers and sellers can avoid common mistakes in conveyancing that can be costly to rectify -- and may even cause property sales to fall through. Among the topics tackled are the length of the conveyancing process, payment for update work, and typical costs associated with property title transfers.

Piccirillo adds, "Macroeconomic factors like inflation have not dampened appetite for real property. As such, many are in the market to buy or sell their homes. With this report, they can make the sales process as seamless as possible by knowing exactly what conveyancing entails."

AVRillo Conveyancing is a leading legal firm based in London. The company has served over 40,000 clients, has logged a success rate of 95%, and is the recipient of over 70 industry awards.

Interested parties may visit https://avrillo.co.uk/the-conveyancing-process-a-roller-coaster-ride/ if they wish to read the full text of the report.

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