Authentic NYC Graffiti T-Shirts, Hindu-Inspired Urban Street Art Design Released

Published February 23, 2024

The latest addition to Sarah James Jazz Merch NYC Graffiti Art range represents a unique item that combines the modern-day creativity of New York's street artists with traditional Hindu art styles.

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With the recent update to her NYC Graffiti collection, photographer Sarah James continues her mission to capture and repurpose New York's ever-changing urban street art into unique clothing items.

As a well-known melting pot of cultures, New York City is home to a diverse range of styles, beliefs, and inspirations. One such outlet for this diversity is in the creativity of its graffiti artists, whose work can be found adorning buildings throughout the urban landscape. In an effort to preserve these often temporary artworks, Sarah James photographs the city's most eye-catching designs to create unique t-shirt designs.

The Sarasvati t-shirt is the fifth design in the NYC Graffiti Art collection and features a full-length painting of the Hindu goddess that is reminiscent of the religion's traditional mural artworks. The image includes several components commonly associated with Sarasvati, such as a veena, books, garlands, and a pot of sacred water, and also maintains the features of the wall the artwork was painted on.

Each t-shirt in the urban street art collection is printed on 100% cotton for comfortable wear and comes in a range of sizes and colors.

About Sarah James

As an active member of New York City's creative community, Sarah James is an accomplished jazz singer, songwriter, artist, and poet and can often be seen performing at events across the city. Further information on her photography work, musical releases, and upcoming performances can be found on her website.

When speaking of her NYC Graffiti collection, Sarah James explained, "Each image tells a story, is edgy, and most if not all of them are no longer where they were photographed. Graffiti in NYC doesn't last long. Either the sanitation department comes along and tears them down or people just paste, draw, or otherwise alter the images."

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