Australian Inflation Decline To 2 Year Low of 4.3% Is Turning The Property Tide

Published February 10, 2024

Recent data reveals a noteworthy slowdown in inflation, reaching a two-year low of 4.3%, sparking speculation about a halt in further interest rate hikes. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics November figures, inflation has dipped from October's 4.9%, marking a considerable decrease from its peak of 8.4% in December 2022.

Integrity Property Investment note that the prosperity trend extends to homeowners, with the majority of vendors experiencing significant gains in 2023. Fresh insights from the latest CoreLogic Pain and Gain Report indicate that residential property sellers amassed nearly $300,000 in gross profits during the September quarter.

Elevating the optimism, the report highlights that 93.5% of all home sales in the September quarter yielded a higher price than the property's original purchase cost, marking the highest rate of "profit-making sales" since the July 2022 quarter.

Home values climbed steadily in October and November, rising 1.4% each month. In anticipation of the December figures, Integrity Property Investment expects this positive trend to have continued, making now the perfect time to explore property potential. Adelaide leads the charge with 98.5% of profit-making sales, closely followed by Hobart (97.6%), ACT (97.4%), and Brisbane (97.3%).

Discover the possibilities in Melbourne (91.3% profit-making sales), Sydney (91.1%), Perth (90%), and Darwin (69.7%). The report emphasises that those selling within three years of purchase were more likely to incur losses.

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