AI Search Engine With Free Speech Browser For Android Phone: App Launched

Published February 22, 2024

The updated mobile search app prioritizes freedom of speech, and the creators strive to create a search experience where right-leaning results are not suppressed or censored.

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TUSK Search now also includes an integrated AI chatbot called Gippr AI, which offers an alternative to ChatGPT - complementing the search experience and allowing users to ask questions related to search results and generate content with a conservative slant.

Recent Gallup surveys have tapped into a growing sense among many Americans that mainstream news outlets are not always presenting the full picture accurately. This declining trust indicates a desire for more balance and transparency when it comes to how news and information get filtered to the public, and TUSK Search seeks to respond to these concerns by placing more control into the hands of users.

The app allows users to filter search results and news feeds along a spectrum from left-leaning to right-leaning perspectives, so they can view content aligned with their preferences and balance out the sources they interact with.

TUSK Search also prioritizes security and privacy for its users: the app requires sites to use HTTPS encryption whenever possible during web searches to prevent third parties from accessing or tampering with data.

The TUSK web browser allows users to customize their own news feed by selecting their favorite media outlets and publications they want to follow, creating a constantly updated hub for news consumption tailored to their tastes.

A Chromium-based browser, TUSK allows users to personalize their experience by installing some of the thousands of extensions available through the Chrome Web Store.

The spokesperson states: "Tusk is created by a conservative organization for conservative users. It is designed to provide you with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right media."

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Santa Barbara
United States

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