AI Automated B2B Email Marketing Tool With Calendly & Zoom Integration Launched

Published February 27, 2024

The new Kalendar.AI toolkit is available now, and includes out of the box Calendly and Zoom integration. The package arrives on the market complete with a highly versatile ad targeting system, powered by AI and geared toward cross-team email marketing and lead generation purposes.

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Kalendar.AI has been developed as a multipurpose toolkit that can be used by sales, sign-up, and CRM agents. 300 million companies are included in the software's catalog, allowing all teams to find a wide selection of qualified leads which can then be targeted using sophisticated AI tools.

These tools have been developed following a study which found that email outreach marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media marketing for B2B applications. Additionally, the study recorded conversion times up to 3 times faster than other channels, often due to the more direct and professional nature of email campaigns.

Companies who use email marketing in their B2B strategy can now deploy Kalendar.AI to build custom templates and mailing lists, then create personalized ads for each potential lead. These personalized ads have been shown to convert at a rate 10 times higher than other methods, and are particularly effective at building waitlists and meeting rosters.

One early review stated, "Booking meetings has never been easier, I've booked 20+ this month. It's personalized cold email outreach on a mass scale. You can fill your calendar and personalize your mailing list on a large scale while still landing in the inbox, instead of in the spam folder."

Kalendar.AI ads use company news, personal interests, and POI to connect with each lead on an individual level. In this way, the software can be used to create concise, effective value propositions that are also fully personalized to the needs and interests of each lead.

As previously mentioned, the software is automatically compatible with Calendly and Zoom, meaning that bookings made through Kalendar.AI ads can be automatically scheduled, maximizing efficiency.

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