1642 Sodas Inc. Garners Prestigious Gold Medals at Tonic & Mixers Competition

Published April 1, 2024

Montreal, Canada - In an impressive display of quality and innovation, 1642 Sodas Inc. proudly announces that its Tonic and Ginger Beer have each been awarded a Gold Medal at the esteemed Tonic & Mixers Competition, hosted by The Spirits Business. This accolade, coming from a leading authority in the spirits industry, serves as a significant endorsement of 1642 Sodas' commitment to crafting premium mixers that excel in taste, quality, and natural ingredient use.

The Spirits Business Tonic & Mixers Competition, renowned for its rigorous evaluation process by industry experts, recognizes the best in the global beverage industry. The distinction of receiving Gold Medals underscores the exceptional nature of 1642 Sodas' Tonic and Ginger Beer. Both products stood out for their unique flavor profiles and superior craftsmanship among a crowded field of international competitors.

The award-winning Tonic, celebrated for its nuanced blend of spruce and lime, offers a refreshingly balanced bitterness that complements a wide array of spirits, particularly gin. The Ginger Beer, notable for its bold spiciness, provides a vibrant kick that enhances cocktails with its deep, fiery flavor. These accolades from The Spirits Business are a testament to 1642 Sodas' dedication to excellence and innovation in the artisanal beverage market.

Bastien Poulain, Founder of 1642 Sodas, shared his enthusiasm about the recognition: "We are deeply honored to receive these Gold Medals from The Spirits Business. This achievement not only validates our efforts to produce high-quality, all-natural mixers but also reinforces our vision of becoming a leader in the global mixology scene. It's a proud moment for our team and a milestone that inspires us to continue our pursuit of crafting exceptional beverages."

As 1642 Sodas celebrates this remarkable accomplishment, it invites beverage enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore the distinguished tastes of its award-winning Tonic and Ginger Beer. This recognition is a clear indication of the brand's growing influence in the beverage industry and its potential to redefine standards for artisanal mixers worldwide.

In light of this achievement, 1642 Sodas invites consumers to explore the award-winning flavors of its Tonic and Ginger Beer. For further details about 1642 Sodas and its artisanal beverage offerings, please visit 1642.ca.

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