"Small Girl in a Big World" Marks a Milestone for Young Musicians Unite

Published February 27, 2024

Miami Beach, FL - February 29, 2024 - In an extraordinary display of youthful zeal and profound musical prowess, 10-year-old prodigy Soleil Nation is poised to release her debut single, "Small Girl in a Big World," on February 29, 2024. This much-anticipated release heralds the emergence of a compelling new voice in the music industry, with roots in Manila, Philippines, and now enchanting audiences from her base in Miami Beach, FL.

Listen to Small Girl in a Big World HERE

This project is a testament to the impactful collaboration between Soleil and Young Musicians Unite (YMU), underscored by the pivotal support from the Playing For Change Foundation (PFCF). YMU, renowned for its commitment to revitalizing school-based art and music education in middle schools, has nurtured young talents. With PFCF's support, YMU has made significant strides, including establishing a state-of-the-art recording studio and fostering collaborations with global artists. Last year, this initiative expanded through a partnership with Colombian singer-songwriter Maluma's foundation, El Arte De Los Suenos, enhancing financial resources, guest artist appearances, and cultural exchanges.

"Small Girl in a Big World" is not merely a song; it's a narrative woven from Soleil's personal experiences, aimed at resonating with audiences of all ages. This release is a testament to YMU's dedication to empowering the youth aged 10-18 by providing them with opportunities to record music, design album covers, and monetize their talents on platforms like Spotify. It encapsulates the successful collaboration between YMU and PFCF, highlighting their joint mission to equip young artists with the necessary tools and platforms for creative expression and global reach. Furthermore, this project is enhanced by OneRPM, a music distribution company, ensuring that "Small Girl in a Big World" is a musical release and a beacon of collective efforts to foster young talent and showcase it to the world.

Soleil Nation has been a standout figure in the music community, showcasing her talents in piano, trumpet, guitar, and vocal performance from a young age. A member of the Grammy award-winning National Children's Chorus and the Miami Music Project's children's orchestra, where she won the "Student of the Year - Miami Beach Chapter" award in 2023, Soleil's musical journey is marked by passion, dedication, and exceptional talent.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Soleil is an active athlete and an honor roll student, exemplifying a well-rounded and committed young artist. Her involvement in capoeira, gymnastics, karate, ice skating, hip-hop, ballroom, and breakdancing further highlights her versatility and commitment to excellence.

"Soleil Nation embodies the voice of the next generation; she also exhibits the ideal qualities of a young musician. Enthusiastic and bursting with talents and ideas," says Diana Fernandez from Young Musicians Unite. "Her debut single 'Small Girl in a Big World' is a powerful introduction to her artistry and a testament to the positive impact of the collaboration with PFCF and El Arte De Los Suenos. It showcases the collective efforts to inspire and significantly impact the music industry."

"Small Girl in a Big World" will be available on all major streaming platforms starting February 29, 2024. This launch marks the beginning of Soleil Nation's journey to global recognition, exemplifying the success of Young Musicians Unite's mission to nurture and showcase young talent to the world.

To celebrate its release, music and art within the community! Soleil Nation will perform the song "Small Girl in a Big World" live at the third annual Miami Gardens Youth Music Festival on Saturday, March 2, 2024, which the Miami Gardens Music Alliance, Music Access Miami at The Miami Foundation, and Councilwoman Linda Julien presented.

About Soleil Nation

Soleil Nation, a 10-year-old musical prodigy from Manila, Philippines, and now based in Miami Beach, FL, has been immersed in music and performance from a very young age. With a broad talent in instruments such as the piano, guitar, and trumpet and a significant presence in the National Children's Chorus and the Miami Music Project, Soleil is a rising star in the music world. Her debut single, "Small Girl in a Big World," symbolizes her budding journey as a singer-songwriter poised for international acclaim and a shining example of Young Musicians Unite's impact in collaboration with the Playing For Change Foundation and El Arte De Los Suenos. https://soleilnation.com/

About Young Musicians Unite

Young Musicians Unite is a non-profit in Miami, FL, that believes all students deserve access to music education regardless of their socioeconomic background. YMU collaborates with schools to provide free music education, which has been proven to inspire personal development, foster a sense of community, and prepare future leaders.

To learn more about Young Musicians Unite or how to support the mission, please visit: www.youngmusiciansunite.org


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