Amazon & Walmart Automation: Digital Asset Growth Management Platform Updated

Published February 20, 2023

Part of a continual effort to innovate and upgrade the service, the new update from Ascend Ecom is designed to provide measurable results within 90 days. Each element of the store creation, product selection, and marketing process is handled by a team of trained specialists.

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Ascend Ecom is a leading e-commerce investment management and logistics company based in Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas. With its latest move, spearheaded by Will Basta, the company is committed to increasing access to the trillion-dollar e-commerce market for investors.

The company has a team of over 400 seasoned e-commerce professionals with over a decade of experience in technology, logistics, and operations. It has generated over 75 million dollars in revenue for its clients and has a performance mindset, with a hybrid distribution model that has turned profits for over 500 clients.

The business model is AI data-driven, innovative, and fully managed by the company for its clients. The team has built, operated, and scaled over 300 Amazon FBA businesses with its unique hybrid model and proprietary research and fulfillment strategies.

Ascend Ecom's proprietary software, AI-driven research, and exclusive wholesale relationships allow the company to procure products from carefully selected North American brands and manufacturers and sell them on Amazon. Ascend Ecom also employs three separate product sourcing strategies to increase the value of its client's business and capitalize on the market potential.

About Will Basta

One of the co-founders of Ascend Ecom, Will Basta, has a diverse background as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and venture capitalist. He has a real estate portfolio of 7 million dollars, with five rental properties in Venice, California, and international investments in the financial and hospitality sectors, as well as investments in clean water projects internationally.

Will Basta has over ten years of experience in the technology industry and startup space, with five or more years working in e-commerce. He states: "We're focused on you. Your performance. Your experience. Your access to transparency. And your ownership. We're here to build you something that grows in value and stands the test of time."

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