Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Specializing in Domestic Violence Cases

Published December 29, 2022

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Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law provides specialization in certain immigration cases to better serve the community. One of those services is helping immigrants who have been victims of domestic violence. 

It can be a very delicate topic, but it’s one that Alexandra Lozano (aka Abogada Alexandra meaning Lawyer Alexandra) has spent her professional life learning about different ways to help.

A lot of work goes into making progress when dealing with a domestic violence case. According to the firm’s website, working with Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law means their team will pursue every angle possible to help immigrants in the United States. 

A default response for many immigrants going through domestic violence issues is to stay quiet and avoid any chance of deportation. A case like this can allow immigration lawyers like Alexandra Lozano to open doors and give immigrants that window of opportunity to make the most out of a terrible situation.

In some cases of domestic violence, immigrants can qualify for a T-Visa to keep themselves and their families in the United States.

Applying for a T-Visa is possible with or without a previous police report documenting domestic violence. It’s about getting the whole story, talking to law enforcement, and doing everything necessary before applying for the T-Visa.

After obtaining a non-immigrant visa like this, clients can stay and work in the United States for a set amount of time. There’s no fear of deportation, allowing people to settle in and contribute to society. 

A T-Visa can also lead to an opportunity to obtain residency through a Green Card.

Helping victims of domestic violence can be extremely rewarding after the hard work is done. One hurdle Abogada Alexandra has run into is finding too many victims who have no idea that this type of help is possible. 

Abogada Alexandra encourages exploring T-Visa opportunities and a VAWA I-360 petition for a Green Card based on abuse. A Violence Against Women Act petition can seem overwhelming for someone who has never applied. But the team at Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law makes it much easier to approach so that everything is done right the first time.

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law provides its clients the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Success stories continue to fuel Abogada Alexandra, and with close to one million immigrants becoming citizens in the United States in 2022 alone, optimism shines brighter than ever.

For more information on the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, visit There’s also a wealth of information on other scenarios that could help out immigrants as they sort their life out.

About Abogada Alexandra

Abogada Alexandra strives to provide quality services during challenging times. Whether it is domestic abuse, trafficking, forced work, or more, she finds a way to help out efficiently. 

Based on their online reviews and information from their website, immigrants should know they are in good hands while working with the team at Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law.

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