AEDLAND Adds Zoll AED Plus, Padz, and Batteries to Its Product Line-Up

Published March 2, 2023 is committed to providing top-quality AED products for consumers across the country.

AEDLAND, a leading distributor of affordable and high-quality AED products and accessories, has recently expanded its product offerings to include Zoll AED Plus, its replacement batteries, and a range of Zoll AED Padz. These additions are part of the company's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the highest-quality medical products on the market.

At AEDLAND they know that reliable and affordable emergency devices are crucial to delivering quality care and saving lives. As such, they strive to provide the most reliable and high-performance products available to ensure that rescuers and first responders can give their best effort when performing life-saving rescues.

The Zoll AED Plus is a groundbreaking AED that provides real-time feedback for CPR. It assists rescuers during the procedure, guiding them with detailed steps to perform the rescue process from the beginning until the emergency crew arrives. The product shows the correct depth and rate of compression through audio and text prompts, ensuring rescuers are performing CPR properly. It is the only AED in the market that has these capabilities. This real-time feedback can make the difference between saving and losing a patient's life during emergencies.

The Zoll AED Plus Kit includes all the necessary components to use the product on the field, which consists of the Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator, one set of Zoll CPR D Padz, Duracell batteries, and a soft carrying case. The padz and the batteries are expected to last up to five years, and the entire kit comes with a seven-year warranty.

AEDLAND'S expanded product portfolio also includes Zoll AED Plus battery and compatible padz such as the ZOLL Stat Padz and the Zoll AED Plus Pedi Padz II.

Besides products from Zoll, AEDLAND carries AED and other related products from many other reputable manufacturers. Their website has a complete inventory of their products and offers a wide range of resources for their customers to use when choosing the right equipment for their particular needs.

The company is continually looking for new ways to expand its inventory and make it easier for medical professionals and rescuers to find exactly what they need. AEDLAND offers free shipping on all orders and often has special deals available for customers who purchase bulk items.

The company has a team of trained personnel available to help customers with any questions or concerns.

To learn more about their products and services or place an order, visit AEDLAND's website at:

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