Unified Office Integrates Sentiment Analysis with Premium Notifications

Published February 13, 2024

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2024 / Unified Office, a leading managed services provider offering highly reliable, cloud-based, business communications, IoT, AI, and business analytics services, announced today at 2024 ITExpo Conference the integration of their next generation Sentiment Analysis offering with their Premium Notifications product. This new offering sends notifications in real-time to management staff via all Unified Office messaging services when certain words, phrases or sentiment are detected in recorded phone calls between customer service representatives and customers and other interested parties.

"This offering takes whisper coaching, AI, IoT, and text messaging to the next level," said Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO of Unified Office. "Prior to the release of this service, notifications could not be sent to recipients in real-time. By leveraging recent advancements in machine learning, messaging technology and the latest in algorithms, users can specify in advance to receive notifications for the specific emotions and keywords that they require. They can also designate a recipient device(s) and time from for message/alert delivery. This marks a significant breakthrough, speeding up the task of sentiment detection and transforming an extremely challenging task into a more manageable process allowing for timely remediation."

Unified Office's TCNIQTM service automatically scans thousands of recorded conversations and messages to detect the sentiment of callers and screens them for happiness, exuberance, anger, sadness, and for pre-determined keywords and phrases to help identify customers who need extra care, a loyalty reward, or an upsell, or to coach employees. Alerts are now sent to managers in real-time so they can intervene right away rather than after the fact. TCNIQ enables businesses to save time by not having to manually review every recorded call.

Unified Office's TCNIQTM sentiment analysis service enables companies to improve customer service, grow revenues and reduces the time to identify positive and or problematic customer service issues. Benefits of TCNIQTM include:

  • Automatically scanning thousands of conversations in real-time to detect calls for negative or positive customer sentiment. No need to manually review call recordings.
  • Create a winning company culture, reward superior customer service and coaching staff!
  • Analyzing the data for upsell opportunities with advanced analytics.
  • Providing Access to company data on the go, in real-time, on any device.

TCNIQTM integrates with Unified Office's Visual Performance SuiteTM (advanced analytics) and customer Portal to provide real-time views, alerting, and reporting for actionable intelligence for business managers and owners. TCNIQTM is based on Unified Office's Total Connect NowSM (TCNSM) business communications platform that is an easy to use managed communications service that integrates voice communications, service-level monitoring, business continuity, business analytics tools, and an Internet of Things (IoT) based operational performance service for small and medium sized businesses.

About Unified Office

Unified Office is a leading managed communications technology company, constantly innovating to help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. Unified Office's unique, Voice Over IP business communications service is built on their patented Highest Quality Routing ProtocolTM (HQRPTM) transmission network, which ensures that you will never miss a call, all while experiencing exceptional call quality and no downtime. All Unified Office services benefit from real-time business analytics and alerting so customers can see how their business is performing and make changes in real-time from the customer portal on any device, anywhere, at any time. Unified Office's patented platform and all of its offerings, including its industrial-grade IoT and AI-based sentiment analysis services, go to work for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, so they can concentrate on running their business, providing exemplary customer service, driving more revenue, and increasing employee and operational effectiveness. For more information, visit www.unifiedoffice.com.


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