The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation Launches the Waterterian Diet

Published August 28, 2023

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2023 / The World's Greatest Rejuvenation, whose alternative remedies and products for sickness, pregnancy, and everyday health include the Apple of Eve and The Devil Is a Lie, has created the Waterterian Diet. Minister Yahdan Yada, the company's founder, and his team aim to provide a water-based alternative for people who typically consume processed foods and sugary drinks and are seeking a new way of life.

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The World's Greatest Rejuvenation: Love is more than a word. It is your destiny.

The World's Greatest Rejuvenation helps individuals to take control of their mind, body, and soul by understanding that true love is true health. The company focuses on holistic wellness and a balanced, blissful life through the use of natural products. In developing the Waterterian Diet, The World's Greatest Rejuvenation seeks to empower followers with a self-care regime that incorporates foods known for their antioxidant and detoxification properties.

The goal of the Waterterian Diet is to nurture a person's body by giving it an intercellular cleansing and supporting the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, digestive tract, skin, and lungs, which all play a role in the detoxification of free radicals and toxins. Minister Yahdan Yada explains that the foods, drinks, seasonings, and cooking oils incorporated into the Waterterian Diet were chosen for their antioxidants and percentage of water.

"Over the years, many diets have come out, all influenced in some way by our understanding of how our body processes food and how our changing environment impacts that process," says Minister Yada. "Despite all the new ideas about nutrition, one thing never changes: our body is 70-80% water."

The Waterterian Diet, he explains, is based on this biological fact. It is a nutritional plan for modern-day times and focuses on nutritious fruits and vegetables that have high water content, including wild blueberries, different kinds of apples and cherries, figs, kale, asparagus, okra, fennel greens, romaine lettuce, among others.

"It also incorporates whole grains, brown or black rice, and protein-rich beans and legumes, such as bayo beans. We added wonderful seasons, too, including sweet basil and seaweed-kelp, and we made sure to include cooking oils, such as extra-virgin olive oil," Minister Yada says. "The Waterterian Diet emphasizes meals that are prepared raw, boiled, steamed, or lightly sauteed, and it avoids anything that is fried or baked."

During the remainder of 2023 and into 2024, The World's Greatest Rejuvenation plans to develop more suggestions for how to cultivate a diet that is water/plant-based, avoids preservatives, and contains antioxidants.

"Loving yourself includes carefully choosing the kinds of foods and drinks that you consume," says Minister Yahdan Yada. "We hope that the Waterterian Diet will help more people to eat to live and have a balanced, content life."

About The Worlds Greatest Rejuvenation

The World's Greatest Rejuvenation was founded by CEO/Minister Yahdan Yada, an herbalist who travels the world to study plants with healing properties. The company's natural products have the potential to help others detox and feel stronger and happier. The World's Greatest Rejuvenation is also developing a new health-and-wellness detox resort in the peaceful mountains of Ecuador.

For more information about The World's Greatest Rejuvenation and its new Waterterian Diet, please visit or contact:

Aja Yada, The World's Greatest Rejuvenation

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