Supporting World Oceans Day: CDIB Carries Out Beach Cleanup, Angelo Koo Advocates for Ocean Sustainability

Published June 7, 2023

TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2023 / Remember the time sea turtles had plastic straws stuck in their nose? According to National Geographic, 8 million tons of plastic waste litters the oceans each year, with straws accounting for only 0.025% of the debris. It is clear that ocean pollution is far more severe than what is generally considered. Despite covering 72% of the Earth's surface, our oceans have become a dumping ground for plastic waste. Pollution has no limits, and safeguarding the world's oceans is an important task and a significant responsibility for everyone. This year marks the 15th World Oceans Day, and on March 3, a historic moment took place as the United Nations endorsed the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) after 20 years of advocacy. The treaty will enable more effective protection of marine ecosystems in the future.

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CDIB Capital Chairman, Angelo Koo, encourages everyone to be caretakers of the ocean. (Photo via China Development Foundation)

CDIB Capital International (CDIB Capital) has long regarded promoting sustainable development as its corporate responsibility. As a leader in the financial industry's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, it has not only focused on carbon reduction targets for many years but also received the highest A-tier leadership recognition from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in the previous year (2022), becoming a globally certified sustainable enterprise. Additionally, CDIB Capital encourages employees to care for nature, carry out environmental work, and fulfill corporate social responsibility in protecting the ecological environment. Angelo Koo, Chairman of CDIB Capital, believes when individuals all take small steps, a collective effort can be made to shift the world towards a better future.

Following World Oceans Day, a subsidiary of CDIB Capital rallied its employees to take part in marine environmental education. They made a trip out to Peace Island in Keelung for a beach cleanup, where every employee picked up trash together to create a cleaner ocean. Through the cleanup event, employees realized the importance of protecting the environment and gained a new view of the ocean. To further raise awareness of environmental sustainability, the subsidiary partnered with the environmental group "HiiN Studio" to hold online lectures. Through courses led by experts, employees gained a concrete understanding of beach cleaning activities and the significant threat of ocean waste. Last year, the subsidiary organized a total of 25 beach cleanup events, earning recognition as the top performer in the financial industry. A total of 430 employees participated, covering locations such as Wanli in New Taipei, Su'ao in Yilan, Qijin in Kaohsiung, and Lambai Island in Pingtung. Inspired by the company's initiatives, employees even organized their own beach cleanup events, becoming caretakers of the ocean.

CDIB Capital Chairman, Angelo Koo, emphasizes the importance of giving back to the ocean, as we also take from it. As citizens of an island country, we have a greater responsibility to conserve marine ecosystems and continue progressing toward the goal of a sustainable ocean.

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