SummerTones Announces Launch of EASYPLAY 1s: Play It Easy, Mini, Affordable, Yet Powerful Music Keyboard

Published March 8, 2024

10+ Sound Pack | MIDI-supported, for most DAWs | Bluetooth Speaker | 25-key 3X5 Keyboard Layout | C3-C8 Octave, Semitones available

CAMDEN, DE / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2024 / EASYPLAY 1s is a handheld, portable, everyone-affordable music keyboard with MIDI and Bluetooth speaker functions. With a unique 3x5 matrix keyboard featuring 25 keys, it is carefully designed to simplify music playing, making it an ideal starting point for beginners and a versatile tool for experienced musicians. 10+ preset instrument sounds are built-in, including piano, guitar, and drums, making creating melodies easy - reminiscent of playing a game. EASYPLAY 1s is arriving on Kickstarter soon - follow to be notified when it launches:

EASYPLAY 1s is a cutting-edge brand born out of SummerTones, a creator of CubyFun. SummerTones is driven by a shared mission with CubyFun to provide affordable, equal, and unique enjoyment for everyone. EasyPlay 1s stands as a groundbreaking product that bridges the gap between gaming and musical realms, ensuring that enthusiasts of music games, like Sky: Children of the Light, Guitar Hero, etc., will find it irresistibly captivating.

The innovative rotary tone shifters allow users to seamlessly navigate through different instruments, semitones, and a wide C3-C8 octave range, enabling exploration of various musical styles with ease. Smaller than an iPhone 15 Pro Max, EASYPLAY 1s provides pocket-sized convenience for music enthusiasts to capture inspiration anywhere, anytime.

EASYPLAY 1s goes beyond traditional sound packs by integrating advanced MIDI functionality. This feature set enables users to continue their musical journey with digital music, connecting effortlessly to phones or computers via Type-C or Bluetooth. Whether dropping beats, creating songs, or generating sound effects, EASYPLAY 1s opens up endless possibilities for creative expression. It's compatible with most popular music Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

"Our vision has always been to make music accessible to everyone. We believe that the joy of music should not be limited to those with musical training. EASYPLAY 1s allows anyone to create original music in just a few minutes, and from there the possibilities are endless. It's a great way to explore musical creativity, add some atmosphere to everyday life, or take a party to the next level," says Feifei Yu, Product Designer and Founder of SummerTones.

EASYPLAY 1s is designed for personalization, with interchangeable keycaps, colorful keyboard stickers, and customizable 3D-printed keycaps, allowing users to make EASYPLAY 1s truly their own.

More than just a musical instrument, EASYPLAY 1s is a gateway to the world of music, inspiring, engaging, and delighting users of all ages and backgrounds. With its innovative features, portable design, and affordability, EASYPLAY 1s is the perfect choice for anyone passionate about music.

EASYPLAY 1s is arriving on Kickstarter soon - follow our campaign to be notified when it launches:

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Feifei Yu
Product Designer and Founder

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