From Suits to Swirls: Carri Degenhardt's Innovative Journey into the Fluid Art Market

Published March 8, 2024

JERSEY CITY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2024 / In an inspiring shift from the high-paced world of Wall Street to the colorful swirls of fluid art, Carri Degenhardt Burke has opened the doors to City Swipes, the first of its kind fluid art studio in the tri-state area. This groundbreaking venture marks a significant transformation for Degenhardt, who is now making waves in the art industry by offering a unique blend of creativity, community, and accessibility.

Carri Degenhardt, owner of City Swipes, poses in her fluid art studio The Dirty Pour Studio, holding a Fluid Bear. © Provided by Carri Degenhardt

A New Chapter in Art and Business

Carri Degenhardt Burke's transition from finance to art is not just a personal reinvention but a strategic business move. With City Swipes, she introduces an inviting space where art becomes accessible to everyone - from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. Her vision is to dismantle the barriers of traditional art studios, which often feel elitist and intimidating, and to create a welcoming environment that encourages creativity and self-expression.

Innovative Workshops and Community Engagement

City Swipes stands out by offering interactive workshops and personalized experiences, ranging from individual sessions to collaborative projects on small to large gallery-wrapped canvases. These workshops are designed to unlock the creative potential of each participant, allowing them to leave with not just a piece of art, but a memorable experience.

Furthermore, Carri Degenhardt is expanding her reach beyond the studio walls with plans for virtual masterclasses. This initiative taps into the burgeoning online learning market, ensuring that the joy of fluid art can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Fostering Team Building and Artistic Exchange

Leveraging her extensive background in team building, Degenhardt also offers tailor-made experiences for businesses. These corporate workshops are crafted to enhance teamwork, communication, and creativity, proving that art can be a powerful tool for fostering a positive work culture.

Beyond her own studio, Degenhardt is committed to creating a vibrant artistic ecosystem. By showcasing visiting artists from around the globe and establishing a "clan of artists" on YouTube, she promotes artistic exchange and supports aspiring artists across various platforms.

A Testament to Innovation and Inclusivity

Carri Degenhardt Burke's journey is a vivid example of how innovative thinking and a commitment to inclusivity can redefine industries. Her work with City Swipes not only enriches the local art scene but also offers a new perspective on career transformation and market opportunities.

As City Swipes continues to grow, it remains a beacon of creativity, community, and change, inviting everyone to explore the boundless possibilities of fluid art.

For more information about City Swipes and to dive into the world of fluid art, visit and follow the journey on Instagram @cityswipes

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