SLKOR Semiconductor Brings Significant Progress Through Micro-innovation!

Published June 17, 2024

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2024 / Compared with advanced countries, there is still a gap in scientific research and advanced technology in our country, which is reflected in the social production efficiency and per capita GDP. We can only establish an unbeatable position by seizing the technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and combining them with micro-innovations in internal research and development and management processes. In recent years, Shenzhen SLKOR Micro Semicon Co., Ltd. has experienced rapid development. By leveraging advanced processes in new materials such as silicon carbide, gallium nitride, power device design and processing, efficient management, and rapid expansion of production scale, the company has continuously lowered product prices, increased market share, and gained recognition from customers worldwide. SLKOR has independent research and development capabilities for high-performance and highly reliable integrated circuits, along with years of technical expertise. The company has achieved autonomous control over various key aspects of the industrial chain, making its advantages increasingly apparent in intense market competition and enhancing its positioning in both and international industrial ecosystems. Song Shiqiang mentioned that "SLKOR" and "Kinghelm" have become internationally renowned brands, serving over 15,000 customers worldwide. To better serve its customers, SLKOR Semiconductor has developed AI robots for research and development. Currently, these robots are capable of responding to queries in both Chinese and English. The ultimate goal is to provide end-to-end services including customer information consultation, material quotations, trade matching, and goods delivery arrangements. In the future, SLKOR plans to integrate its Gold-Dragon ERP system and Feishu KOR system, as well as other different applications such as internal production planning, drawing, and copywriting into its AI robots, thereby supporting the rapid development of Kinghelm and SLKOR. From this perspective, the SLKOR AI robot represents a large-scale model in the vertical segmentation of the semiconductor industry, and it is a foundational model with a certain degree of versatility that may influence industrial development in the future.

SLKOR products

In terms of product layout, SLKOR aims to compete with companies such as Texas Instruments, NXP, Vishay, ON Semiconductor, AOS, STMicroelectronics, and others, while Kinghelm targets companies like Murata, Hirose, Molex, and TE Connectivity in the development of antenna connectors and plug products. However, in the research and production of products, they aim to introduce products that are more cost-competitive than the aforementioned brands.

  • SLKOR 74HC573D replaces Nexperia's 74HC573D.
  • SLKOR SL9013M33SE aims to substitute TI's LP5907MFX-3.3.
  • SLKOR SL54M33SE targets replacing TI's LP2992IM5-3.3.
  • SLKOR PAM8403 aims to replace Diodes' PAM8403DR-H.
  • SLKOR IRF640 targets replacing Infineon's IRF640NPBF.
  • SLKOR SL555S aims to substitute TI's LM555CMX.
  • SLKOR SL4558S targets replacing TI's RC4558DRG4.
  • SLKOR LM124D aims to be a alternative to TI's LM124DR.
  • SLKOR LM224D aims to be a alternative to TI's LM224DR.
  • SLKOR LM324D aims to be a alternative to TI's LM324DR.
  • SLKOR IRFR5305 replaces Infineon's IRFR5305TRPBF.
  • SLKOR SL24C02D is a alternative to STMicroelectronics' M24C02-WMN6TP.
  • SLKOR SL24C04D is a alternative to Microchip's AT24C04C-SSHM-T.
  • SLKOR SL24C08D replaces Microchip's AT24C08C-SSHM-T.
  • SLKOR SL4459 targets replacing AOS's AO4459.
  • SLKOR SL44H11 replaces STMicroelectronics' D44H11.
  • SLKOR SLA33 can be a pin-to-pin substitute for TI's OPA333.
  • SLKOR AMS1117-3.3 is a alternative to AMS's AMS1117-3.3.
  • SLKOR AMS1117-5.0 is a alternative to AMS's AMS1117-5.0.
  • SLKOR D882 is a alternative to CJ's D882.
  • SLKOR TL431 Alternative equivalent for DIODES TL431AS-13.
  • SLKOR BAT54S replaces CJ Changdi BAT54S.
  • SLKOR BAT54A replaces CJ Changdi BAT54A.
  • SLKOR 74HC595D replaces TOSHIBA 74HC595D.
  • SLKOR SLM601/SOP-5 replaces LITEON LTV-M601.
  • SLKOR BTA08-800B replaces ST BTA08-800BWRG.
  • SLKOR BTA16-800B replaces ST BTA16-800BRG.
  • SLKOR BTA24-800B/TO-220 replaces ST BTA24-800BWRG/TO-220.
  • SLKOR BTA41-800B/TO-3P replaces ST BTA41-800BRG/TO-3P.
  • SLKOR TIP122 replaces ST TIP122.
  • SLKOR LL4148/LL34 replaces Onsemi LL4148/LL34.
  • SLKOR SL4949 replaces ST L4949.
  • SLKOR SL27525 replaces ST UCC27525.
  • SLKOR TIP127 replaces ST TIP127.
  • SLKOR CD4001BM replaces TI CD4001BM.
  • SLKOR 74HC164D replaces TI SN74HC164DR.
  • SLKOR 74HC595D replaces TOSHIBA 74HC595D.
  • SLKOR 2SC2873 replaces TOSHIBA 2SC2873.
  • SLKOR LM2575S-5.0 replaces TI LM2575S-5.0.
  • SLKOR LM2576S-5.0/TO-263-5 replaces TI LM2576S-5.0/TO-263-5.
  • SLKOR LM2596S-5.0 replaces TI LM2596S-5.0.
  • SLKOR ULN2001D replaces ST ULN2001D1013TR.
  • SLKOR 2SC5824-R replaces ROHM 2SC5824T100R.
  • SLKOR DTC143ECA/SOT-23 replaces CJ Changdi and Qiangmao DTC143ECA.
  • SLKOR LMV358 replaces TI LMV358QD.
  • SLKOR NUP2105LT1G replaces Onsemi NUP2105LT1G.
  • SLKOR TL432 replaces DIODES TL432BSA-7.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322532M9P replaces EPSON X1E0000210167.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322532M10P replaces EPSON X1E000021016300.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322516M9P/SMD3225-4P replaces EPSON X1E000021037500/SMD3225-4P.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322516M12P replaces EPSON X1E000021011900.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322524M12P replaces EPSON X1E0000210129.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322525M20P replaces EPSON X1E000021035200.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322525M12P replaces EPSON X1E000021013900.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322526M9P/SMD3225-4P replaces CJ13-260000910A20.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322524M9P/SMD3225-4P replaces EPSON X1E000021012700/SMD3225-4P.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL322526M10P replaces EPSON X1E000021081900.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL201640M12P replaces EPSON Q22FA12800332.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL201632M6P replaces murata XRCGB32M000F1H19R0.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL201626M12P replaces EPSON Q22FA1280047000.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL252026M12P/SMD2520-4P replaces EPSON Q24FA20H00315.
  • SLKOR crystal oscillator SL252026M9P replaces EPSON Q24FA20H00289.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SLM352 replaces ONsemi FODM352.
  • SLKOR optocoupler PC817 replaces Sharp PC817.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SL-1007/SMD-4 replaces VISHAY TCLT1007/SMD-4.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SL-1008 replaces VISHAY TCLT1008.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SL3H7C replaces ISOCOM IS3H7C.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SL-1009 replaces VISHAY TCLT1009.

In order to serve the European and American markets well, SLKOR Semiconductor has passed the chemical testing certification of "California Proposition 65." This is an important step to ensure that the products comply with regulatory requirements, protect consumer health, and uphold the reputation of the company. SLKOR can ensure that its products do not contain chemicals deemed harmful. The California Proposition 65 testing is a necessary step to ensure product compliance and consumer safety. In the increasingly competitive global market, by complying with regulations and providing safe products, SLKOR can win the trust and loyalty of consumers, thereby contributing to the healthy and sustainable international development of the SLKOR brand.

  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N135S is a pin-to-pin replacement for ISOCOM UK Anson Opto 6N135SM.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N136S is a pin-to-pin replacement for ONSEMI Anson Opto 6N136SDM.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N137S/SMD-8 is a pin-to-pin replacement for ON Anson Opto 6N137SDM/SMD-8.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N136 is a pin-to-pin replacement for ONSEMI Anson Opto 6N136M.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N137 is a pin-to-pin replacement for ON Anson Opto 6N137VM.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SL0601 is a pin-to-pin replacement for ON Anson Opto HCPL0601.
  • SLKOR optocoupler SLM611 is a pin-to-pin replacement for ISOCOM UK Anson Opto ICPLM611.
  • SLKOR optocoupler pc817 is a replacement for Sharp brand pc817.
  • SLKOR SLSS41F replaces Honeywell SS41F.
  • SLKOR SLSS360 replaces Honeywell SS360.
  • SLKOR SLSS451A replaces Honeywell SS451A.
  • SLKOR SLSS39E replaces Honeywell SS39E.
  • SLKOR Hall sensor SL-302B replaces AKM Hall sensor SS41F.
  • SLKOR Hall sensor L-106C replaces AKM Hall sensor HG-106C.
  • SLKOR SL-322B replaces AKM HG-322B.
  • SLKOR MOSFET SL2301 replaces CJ LRC VISHAY CJ2301, LP2301LT1G, SI2301CDS.
  • SLKOR transistor SL2302 replaces CJ Changdian LRC Leshan VISHA CJ2302, LP2302LT1G, SI2302CDS.
  • SLKOR micro field effect transistor SL2309 replaces LRC Leshan LP2309LT1G VISHA SI2309CDS.
  • SLKOR micro field effect transistor SL3409 replaces CJ Changdian LRC Radio LP3409LT2G Friend Semiconductor UMW3409, VISHAY AOS AO3409.
  • SLKOR MOS transistors 2N7002 and 2N7002L replace CJ Changdian LRC VISHA onsemi 2N7002, 2N7002L.
  • SLKOR's power management IC linear regulator SL4949 replaces STMicroelectronics L4949.
  • SLKOR SL4275 replaces IR TLE4275.
  • SLKOR SL4275 and SL4284 are direct replacements for IR TLE4275 and TLE4284.
  • SLKOR SL54620RHLR replaces TI Texas Instruments TPS54620RHLR.
  • SLKOR SL6908D is a direct replacement for MPS MP6908A.
  • SLKOR SL2044 replaces Atmel U2044.
  • SLKOR's AMS1117-3.3 replaces AMS AMS1117-3.3.
  • SLKOR AMS1117-1.8 replaces AMS AMS1117-1.8.
  • SLKOR SMAJ5.0A can replace DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F.
  • SLKOR SMAJ5.0A and SMAJ33CA replace DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F and SMAJ33CA.
  • SLKOR SMAJ33CA replaces DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F.
  • SLKOR SMAJ33CA and SMBJ5.0A replace DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F and SMBJ5.0A-13-F.

Shenzhen SLKOR Micro Semicon Co., Ltd. is actively expanding into the international market, adhering to the development concept of "rooted in China, serving the world", and bringing SLKOR' products to the global market. Currently, they are recruiting agents and distributors worldwide. General Manager Song Shiqiang stated that they aim to swiftly present SLKOR' high-quality products and technical solutions to end customers through the teams, channels, and networks of distributors worldwide, providing them with top-notch electronic components and technical services. SLKOR has a technical team composed of Yonsei University in South Korea and Tsinghua University in China, mastering cutting-edge technologies such as silicon carbide MOS transistors and ultra-fast recovery power diodes. The "SLKOR" brand is well-known and reputable internationally, having partnered with over 15,000 clients worldwide. SLKOR hopes that distributors have professional teams and customer resources locally, possess technical service and sales capabilities, and together, they can share the multi-billion-dollar market of integrated circuits, growing and benefiting together to achieve SLKOR' vision of becoming a "semiconductor leader".

  • SLKOR SLESD03D6BU replaces NXP's PESD3V3R1BSF.
  • SLKOR SLESD03D6BU and SLESD0501BU replace NXP's PESD3V3R1BSF and PESD5V0F1BL.
  • SLKOR MMBZ5V6AL replaces ON Semiconductor's MMBZ5V6AL.
  • SLKOR MMBZ5V6AL (SOT-23) and MMBZ6V2AL replace ON Semiconductor's MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V2AL.
  • SLKOR MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V8AL (SOT-23) replace ON Semiconductor's MMBZ5V6AL and MMBZ6V8AL.
  • SLKOR diodes, transistors, ESD protection diodes, and TVS transient suppression diodes can replace CJ, LRC, VISHAY, NXP, ON Semiconductor, and other brands.
  • SLKOR SMBJ5.0A replaces VISHAY's SMBJ5.0A-E3.
  • SLKOR SMBJ5.0A and SMAJ5.0A replace VISHAY's SMBJ5.0A-E3 and SMAJ5.0A-E3/61.
  • SLKOR SMBJ15A replaces VISHAY's SMBJ15A-E3/52.
  • SLKOR SMBJ15A and SMBJ36CA replace VISHAY's SMBJ15A-E3/52 and SMBJ36CA-E3/52.
  • SLKOR MMBZ18VAL replaces ON Semiconductor's MMBZ18VAL.
  • SLKOR diodes MMBZ18VAL (SOT-23) and MMBZ27VAL replace ON Semiconductor's MMBZ18VAL and MMBZ27VAL.
  • SLKOR TVS/ESD diodes SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603) and SLPESD5V0U1BL can replace NXP's TVS/ESD diodes PESD3V3R1BSF and PESD5V0U1BL.
  • SLKOR TVS transient suppression/ESD protection SLESD03D6BU (DFN0603) and SLESD0501CM replace NXP's PTVS transient suppression/ESD protection ESD3V3R1BSF and PESD5V0S1BL.
  • SLKOR driver IC SL27511 is a replacement for TI's UCC27511DBVR.
  • SLKOR driver IC SL27525 is a replacement for TI's UCC27525D.
  • SLKOR driver IC SL8402 is a replacement for ON Semiconductor's NCV8402.
  • SLKOR driver IC SSL27523 is a replacement for TI's UCC27523.
  • SLKOR LED driver IC SL4139 is a replacement for ON Semiconductor's CAT4139.
  • SLKOR LED driver IC SL401 is a replacement for IR's BCR401.
  • SLKOR power electronic switch SL3405G is a replacement for IR's BTS3405G.
  • SLKOR clock chip SL8025T is a replacement for Epson's RX-8025T.
  • SLKOR clock chip SL8563T is a replacement for NXP's PCF8563.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N136 is a replacement for AVAGO and FAIRCHILD's 6N136, 6N136M.
  • SLKOR optocoupler 6N137 is a replacement for AVAGO and FAIRCHILD's 6N137.

Song Shiqiang mentioned that SLKOR Semiconductor has an internationalized gene. In the early days, it introduced a silicon carbide power device technology team from Yonsei University in South Korea. It also combined returnee technical personnel graduated from Tsinghua University. Its supply chain covers the world, and its employees come from all over the world. SLKOR Semiconductor, together with Kinghelm Electronics, provides matching services to customers worldwide. SLKOR and Kinghelm overseas websites adopt 104 languages comprehensible to the vast majority of people around the world, showcasing products and related information!

SLKOR, a popular semiconductor brand in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. The following are some commonly used components from the SLKOR brand: M7 (SMA), AMS1117-3.3 (SOT-223), AMS1117-5.0 (SOT-223), SS34 (SMA), SS36 (SMA), SS8050 (SOT-23), SS8550 (SOT-23), 2N7002 (SOT-23), bat54c (SOT-23), SD12C (SOD-323), ZMM5V1 (LL-34), LL4148 (LL-34), SMBJ6.5CA (SMB), and SMBJ5.0A (SMB).

SLKOR also offers a range of controllable silicon products under the SL series, including BTA06-800B, BTA08-800B, BTA12-600B, BTA16-800B, BTA24-800B, BTA26-800B, BTA41-800B, BTA41-1200B, BT136S-800E, BT137S-800E, and BT138S-800E. They also manufacture MOS field-effect transistors such as sl2301, sl2302, sl2n7002, sl2304, as well as Hall switch sensors like SL1613-SL, SL1625-SH, SL1613-SH, SL1603, and SL1605. These components, along with Kinghelm's chip ceramic Bluetooth antennas (KH2012, KH3216, KH5220, KH6010) and spring probes, can be applied to various products, including TWS Bluetooth earphones.

As for Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., they are a national high-tech enterprise and members of organizations such as the China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, China Information Industry Chamber, and Guangdong Connector Association. With over a decade of experience, Kinghelm specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales, and technical services of wireless signal transmission, electronic connectors, and interconnecting system products. Their technology team consists of talents from Tsinghua University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, focusing on microwave RF technology and establishing research institutions in collaboration with universities.

Kinghelm has obtained multiple invention patents and certifications, including ISO9001, RoHS, REACH, and they are in the process of applying for IATF16949 automotive quality system certification, as well as UL and TUV certifications. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Kinghelm values technology, cost, management, efficiency, and sustainable development. Their Tangxia laboratory in Dongguan is equipped with instruments such as an anechoic chamber, network analyzers, and high-low temperature test cabinets, allowing them to conduct various tests, including high-low temperature and double 85 testing. With a complete set of technical positions, including mold making, injection molding, machining, plating, stamping, and wire harness assembly, Kinghelm can quickly develop high-performance and highly reliable products.

Kinghelm's antenna connector product series

Kinghelm's SMA half-tooth board socket KH-SMA-K513-G, IPEX antenna base KH-IPEX-K501-29, and RF RFID cable KH-RFID-20-BQ connector products can directly replace similar connector components from Murata and Hirose, and are suitable for applications in GPS navigation, in-vehicle positioning, GPS BeiDou positioning equipment, and more. The KH series products from Kinghelm can also serve as direct replacements for foreign brands such as Murata, TDK, and Wancheng, and are compatible with devices from Apple AirPods, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Plantronics, covering products and solutions from Qualcomm (CSR), Hengxuan (BES), MTK's Airoha, Realtek, Actions, ams, JL, and more. These products and solutions include TWS Bluetooth headsets with wireless standard-equipped charging cases from brands like Anker, B&O, Broadcom, and others, while also utilizing power management chips and battery management chips from SLKOR.

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