Sharetrip Partners with New AI-Generated Ancillary Provider Tripadd

Published December 6, 2023

By integrating TripAdd's innovative features, ShareTrip aims to set new standards in customer service within the travel industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2023 / ShareTrip, Bangladesh's first and leading online travel aggregator, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with TripAdd, a new marketplace for travel add-ons powered by Ai.This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize the travel experience for ShareTrip's customers by integrating innovative add-on options, from TripAdd's curated selection of vendors, into their platform. With this partnership, ShareTrip users will be able to benefit from and enjoy various convenient features that have been hand-picked based on their preferences.

With over 20,000 different products and services across 18 categories, TripAdd offers personalized and top-performing add-on options. The platform's AI capabilities enable dynamic bundling, creating customized offers based on flight data, passenger details, and product availability. MD Nafiz Chowdhury, Senior Manager, Marketing, ShareTrip said: "ShareTrip remains dedicated to innovation, continually seeking ways to simplify the customer journey. This collaboration with TripAdd has been instrumental in introducing cutting-edge features like Travel e-SIM, SmartDelay, and Flight Compensation to our audience, all seamlessly accessible through a single app. I am thrilled about the enhanced convenience and value this partnership brings to our customers." Md. Tanvir Ahmed, Project Manager at ShareTrip, added, "I am excited to share the launch of TripAdd-a blend of innovation and customer focus. This achievement represents a noteworthy stride in our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. A special shout-out to the dedicated tech teams from both TripAdd and ShareTrip for making this milestone a reality."

ShareTrip users will now have access to Travel e-SIM services, providing them with seamless connectivity during their international travels. Additionally, the partnership introduces SmartDelay, a service designed to ease the inconvenience of flight delays exceeding 2 hours. In the event of a qualifying delay, passengers receive a LoungeKey™ voucher, providing access to a network of over 1300 airport lounges worldwide. This exclusive benefit ensures that ShareTrip customers can relax and unwind while waiting for their delayed flights. Likewise, ShareTrip customers now have the power to exercise their rights in the face of flight cancellations, delays, or overbooking. The partnership with TripAdd empowers travelers to claim compensation of up to €600, while compensation of up to €1,250 is available for luggage issues (destruction, loss, damage, delay), and up to €5,400 for extra expenses caused by flight disruptions. Lastly, keeping travelers informed is a top priority, and with Flight Alerts, ShareTrip ensures that passengers receive timely notifications via email and SMS. The tracking feature is activated 24 hours before the flight's departure time, offering real-time updates and enhancing the overall travel experience.

"We started the integration at the beginning of October, and together with the support of our highly detailed Engineering Team and ShareTrip's fantastic Product and Tech teams, we finalized the integration in less than two months," said Yoann Bouilly, TripAdd Head of Sales. "It's been an impressive journey thus far, however, the most beautiful part starts now by elevating the product provided to ShareTrip's customers while increasing their ancillary revenues. We are thrilled that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership."

This collaboration underscores ShareTrip's commitment to providing an enhanced and stress free travel experience for its users, ahead of the holiday season. The added conveniences, including Travel e-SIM, SmartDelay, Flight Compensation, and Flight Alerts, ensure that ShareTrip customers can navigate their journeys with ease and confidence during this festive, yet stressful period. The partnership between ShareTrip and TripAdd marks a significant step forward in the travel industry, promising enhanced services, and greater convenience for ShareTrip customers.

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