Shaping Calgary's Tech Landscape: Vivid Theory Teams Up with Female-Powered Guardyan Conservation in Eco-Tech Collaboration

Published November 27, 2023

CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2023 / In a landmark move for environmental tech innovation, Guardyan Conservation, a woman-owned, vanguard of environmental strategy, has formed a strategic alliance with Vivid Theory, a technology solutions company based in Calgary. This partnership is set to revolutionize the carbon management landscape in Canada and quickly expand to the global community, combining Vivid Theory's technological strengths with Guardyan Conservation's environmental expertise. Central to this initiative is BigGeo, a Vivid Theory subsidiary, whose proprietary geospatial 3D global data mesh technology promises to redefine the standards of environmental sustainability through the development of an advanced platform for comprehensive carbon footprint management. The result of this union will enable businesses to accurately measure, monitor, and manage their environmental impact, leveraging geospatial data and analytics to drive sustainable decision-making and compliance with environmental regulations.

From left to right, Brett Jones, Vivid Theory President, Kaila Stepanic, Guardyan Conservation COO, Jana McDonald, Guardyan Conservation CEO, Brent Lane, Vivid Theory CEO.

Vivid Theory and BigGeo: Leading the Charge in Transformative Technology Solutions
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Vivid Theory is a leader in large-scale industry software solutions focusing on modular software systems and advanced technology. This approach enables rapid, adaptable software development, crucial for evolving market demands. In tandem, BigGeo, a product of Vivid Theory, is revolutionizing the field of spatial data management with its patent-pending spatial data architecture tech. BigGeo's technology significantly reduces the energy footprint in data processing (up to 99% savings in electricity), marking a stride in tech sustainability. Together, Vivid Theory and BigGeo exemplify the synergy of innovative software development and advanced geospatial technology, driving impactful advancements in various sectors. Learn more here:

A Force in Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility: Guardyan Conservation
Guardyan Conservation, an outside-the-box-thinking environmental strategy firm based in Calgary, Alberta, stands as a trailblazer in the carbon management sector, seamlessly blending expertise in environmental strategy with a commitment to cultural integrity and gender equality. As a Métis, female-founded entity, Guardyan excels in carbon footprint assessment and management, offering tailored solutions for emission reduction alongside innovative carbon credit solutions and takes pride in their 100% success rate in emission reduction project deployment. The company provides comprehensive services, guiding clients from the conception to the commercialization of their emission reduction initiatives with a core service offering that spans funding, design, optimization, credit registration, methodology and protocol writing, and securing offtake agreements for various end products, including helium, fuel, power, and environmental attributes. Learn more here:

Guardyan Conservation has recently embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Vivid Theory, resulting in the joint development of a fully comprehensive, end-to-end carbon management platform. This collaborative effort extends beyond the generation of carbon credits, aiming to manage the entire spectrum of emissions from initial assessment to feasibility, generation, registration, monitoring, and sale of carbon credits.

De-Risking Data Management with a Solutions-Oriented Architecture
The partnership between Vivid Theory and Guardyan Conservation provides innovative solutions designed to enhance the data management processes of organizations navigating the complexities of sustainability, reporting and compliance in carbon management. This collaborative effort simplifies the intricate requirements of methodology creation, carbon reporting, to registration and monetization by ensuring accuracy and adherence to evolving environmental regulations and standards. By integrating BigGeo's advanced geospatial data technology with industry-leading platforms like Snowflake, the collaboration offers a straightforward and transparent data journey from initial acquisition to the final stages of financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

What sets this partnership apart is a strong commitment to keeping data clear and consistent over time. The challenge in environmental management and reporting is making sure all forms of data remain accurate and uniform. BigGeo tackles this challenge with a unique approach to managing data. Using advanced Spatial Data Architecture, their technology brings together different data types, making sure they all follow the same rules no matter their origin. BigGeo uses sophisticated geospatial analytics to organize and align data in a clear framework, ensuring it stays standardized across various platforms and time periods. This involves thorough cleaning, validating, and combining of data, making it possible to interpret and analyze information consistently. These technological features are crucial for reliable carbon management reporting, enabling accurate tracking of environmental impacts over time.

Transforming Carbon into a Strategic Asset with a User-Focused Interface
With the expertise and record of success of Guardyan Conservation in carbon market strategies and the innovative technology of Vivid Theory's BigGeo, this partnership is set to transform carbon management into a strategic asset. The platform democratizes access to carbon credits, providing businesses of all sizes with tools for accurate measurement and management of carbon footprints.

This innovative approach has garnered significant attention, as evidenced by 16 Letters of Intent from leading global energy companies. BigGeo's integration with platforms like Snowflake showcases a 99% reduction in data center electricity consumption, setting a new standard in sustainable data management.

For more information or to become a beta-user of Guardyan Conservation & Vivid Theory's carbon management platform please click here:

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