RVOvernights.com Expands Services for Small Business Owners

Published July 21, 2023

ANNADALE, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2023 / RV Overnights, a startup travel company connecting small businesses with RVers, has released a new initiative for their hosts. Because the company has a strong focus on being an advocate for small businesses and seeks to utilize this to differentiate themselves from competitors, RV Overnights has launched an expanded program designed to serve as a mutually beneficial experience for both the RVers (members) and the small businesses (hosts).

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"We built our program from the viewpoint of a small business owner," says co-founder Rob Case. "The member and host experiences both benefit from the innovation that we have brought into the market."

Like other hosting sites, RV Overnights offers a standard profile with title, photos, description, reviews, and a booking engine. Where RV Overnights differs is that they've built in updated functionality for each small business to promote their offerings. At the same time, this gives the members more opportunity to filter and search for the things they want on their travels. "It just makes too much sense," says co-founder Kurt Nehlig.

Every host location now has the option to upload items - such as goods and services - into a marketplace. Those items can be products, tours, tastings, services, or anything else the host wants to promote and sell to their guests. Visible on their profile when being viewed, the items populate again on the second step of every member's request to stay at a location. The simple reminder "Please Support Your Host With A Purchase", coupled with the ability to add items to their stay request, has the potential to drive sales for the host and offer convenience for the members when they arrive. Members then have the option to pay at that time or pay later. 100% of the transaction is given to the host. RV Overnights takes no fees or commissions on sales.

Case explains, "When hosts receive a stay request, they can review the commitments the member has made to support their business. We've also taken some inspiration from popular rideshare companies, building in multiple ratings for each member for the host's review. Members have a star rating of one through five with available text from previous stays at hosts."

He continues that members receive a "Stay Score", which is a percentage rate of how they honor their reservations. While members must comply with a three-strike rule in terms of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, the Stay Score takes into account approved vs. completed stays. This lets a host know the reliability of a member, and keeps members socially responsible for using the program respectfully.

RV Overnights's updated platform is now more simplified and secure, providing hosts and members with a simple QR code check-in upon guest arrival. Members receive a QR code for every approved stay request. That QR code can be scanned by anyone at the host location. Once scanned, it provides the host with a member photo for verification, their name, cell number, check-in and check-out dates, and the purchases they committed to or purchased already.

RV Overnights is also looking to increase communication between hosts and members. To help with arrival times, the company has added a feature into their messenger portal. Hosts and members have a chat opened when a stay request is made. In that chat, the host can request the members location and the member has the option to share their location if they choose. This way if someone is running late, both parties know where they stand.

"We understand that hosts are opening their locations to guests with the hopes of promoting their businesses," Nehlig states. "Our team at RVO encourages the hosts to show amazing hospitality to their members. For that reason, when RV Overnights members are prompted to leave their review, a simple reminder pops up: ‘Did your host show you amazing hospitality? Show your appreciation with a tip'. There is then a button where guests can leave a tip for the team at the host."

RV Overnights has built in other novel features to their program. These include the ability to block dates annually and list individual parking spaces per location including details regarding length and parking surface.

The value of the global recreational vehicle market, according to Fortune Business Insights, stood at USD 55.28 billion in 2020. RVOvernights.com realizes that more and more travelers are choosing to see the country via RV and that campgrounds can fill up quickly, which is why connecting small businesses to travelers solves an industry problem.

Rob Case and his partner Kurt Nehlig are both lifetime small business owners as well as avid RVers. "Understanding both sides of the equation gives us a unique viewpoint," says Case. "This allows us to be impartial, building a program that benefits everyone. We're excited about our updated platform and we can't wait to expand even more."

About RVOvernights.com
RVOvernights.com is a hospitality startup that offers a platform to connect RV travelers with small businesses (hosts). Hosts provide overnight parking spots for RVs, and can list properties on the platform for free. Travelers can search and book available spots; hosts set their own availability, rules, and restrictions.

Website: https://rvovernights.com/

Informational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-ACMF8GkSc

Contact Kurt Nehlig: info@rvovernights.com or 908-219-9119

SOURCE: RVOvernights.com

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