Proof Analytics Launches Industry-Leading Proof Software, All-Access Pricing, and the "Proof Promise" Guarantee

Published February 26, 2024
  • Unrivaled speed and clarity drive significantly better, faster decisions
  • Very fast payback period, guaranteed to find 20% in re-investable spend
  • SMB pricing ranges from $495 to $1250 per month on an annual contract, unlimited modeling
  • Enterprises pay ¼ of one percent of program budgets being analyzed
  • CFO evaluated and approved

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2024 / Extending its lead over a growing list of competitors, Proof Analytics today launched Proof, an analytics SaaS platform that delivers unequaled time to value and massive improvements in the way business teams make better decisions and realize faster outcomes.

The increased AI in the tool accelerates modeling speed in a variety of ways, reducing modeling time from days to a few hours. More AI will continue to be added to the tool over the next year or more, including GenAI-enabled explanations and summaries of the analytics.

Proof Fuels Better, Faster Decisions and Better Business Outcomes

"Proof operationalizes analytics so that business teams can make better, faster, more profitable decisions," said famous analytics industry leader Bill Schmarzo. "Proof combines data, algorithms, and different forms of AI into a transparent, high-speed analytics platform. Proof delivers unlimited scalability and very fast modeling speed for analysts, as well as low-latency model updates and an intuitive interface for business teams. Proof is doing so much right with its analytics software product. Much better decisions and much better outcomes, not just more data science outputs!"

Michelle Killebrew, chief marketing officer for the Americas region at NTT Ltd., said: "As a CMO who is always fighting market headwinds for growth, all while doing more with less, I see Proof and Proof GTM Manager as game-changers for many companies right now. Both products contribute to immediate performance improvements and better decision-making while also creating significant ongoing advantages and feeding new synergies."

Julie Brown, Johnson Controls' vice president of industries and customer value, said, "Proof makes me feel like I'm in the cockpit of a fighter jet, providing the instrumentation needed to guide powerful programs. It's very empowering, and it transforms the conversations that business leaders need to have with their teams."

Revolutionary Pricing Model for SMB and Enterprise Customers

Causal analysis has remained a very expensive, largely consultant-led service. It's accurate, but slow and historically focused. There's also heavyweight software and services like Palantir, which most organizations don't need and can't support. Proof made a big move when it went live in the marketplace with its original offering, Proof GPS for Marketing. As Covid, the downturn, and other changes in the marketplace continued to spur demand for analytics in general, the specific need for causal forecasting increased. Today, it's time for this valuable capability to be broadly accessible.

To that end, the Proof team is excited to introduce highly disruptive pricing options that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes:

  1. Getting Started: $495 per month on a pre-paid annual or $555 per month on a semi-annual contract, full enterprise power, generous five-model limit. A great way to get your feet wet in causal analytics and focus on making much better decisions in a few key areas of your growing business.
  2. Moving Up: At an easily accessible rate of $1,250 per month on a pre-paid annual or $1,450 per month on semi-annual contract. Providing unlimited use across all business needs, mid-market businesses can now leverage the same powerful analytics as larger counterparts.
  3. Enterprise Scale: Designed for very large organizations, this tier delivers Proof offers as an extremely valuable analytics solution priced at 1/4 of one percent of the spend being analyzed, enabling enterprises to cost-effectively scale their analytics capabilities in line with their marketing investments.

"Since we started Proof, our goal was to price our software so that cost wouldn't be an obstacle," said Mark Stouse, Proof's CEO. "This mission got a shot of urgency when the world began experiencing reversal after reversal. We saw customers laboring under severe constraints, losing their ability to afford people, programs, and products. But companies don't just need to cut costs; they need to know where to cut, where not to cut, and have clear forecasts about what the future consequences of budget changes will be. By this past December, it was clear that we just needed to step out there and do it."

"For smaller companies, Proof pricing is now a flat, very affordable annual fee. For companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, the cost of Proof is based on a small fraction* of one percent of the program budgets under analysis. The payback period for Proof is very, very fast, and we guarantee that you'll find at least 20 percent of your current spend during the first year that can be saved and reinvested."

Proof's three pricing tiers reflects the simple fact that enterprise customers run many more models and use much larger data volumes than do small or mid-market companies.

Guaranteed 20 Percent Savings

"Effectiveness is inseparable from Causality, the cause-and-effect relationships that drive outcomes," said Kyle Brantley, chief product officer. "Optimizing efficiency is dependent on first knowing what's effective. Together, effectiveness and efficiency form the basis of sustainability for any program in any company.

"Based on its extensive experience with customers, the Proof software is guaranteed to identify the operational investments that are not effective in the current marketplace conditions. Commonly 20% or more of current spend in the first year, the Proof Promise underscores our commitment to saving customers money at a time when customers need to spend their cash where it does the greatest good."

Brantley continued: "We are quite confident about the savings Proof can help enable. Proof shows what's working and what's not. The actual budget adjustments are up to the customer."

Outsourced analytics programs are available with Proof partners. Depending on the scale, cost can be up to one percent of total spend under analysis.

More Big News Coming

The Proof Analytics ecosystem is expanding with new alliance partners, and an array of new business use cases that moves Proof beyond purely GTM.

About Proof Analytics

Proof Analytics solutions transform data into actionable forecasts that drive better decision-making for businesses worldwide. A leader in advanced causal analytics software and marketing resource management software, Proof pioneered in the application of automation and AI to an area of analytics that had been highly manual and very slow and expensive. Today, Proof is trusted by global leaders in consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, technology, cybersecurity, professional services, and many other industries.

Proof, Proof GTM Manager, Proof Promise, and Proof Marketing GPS are Proof trademarks.

*As an example, if the budgets of the programs being evaluated in Proof totaled $50 million, the license fee would be $125,000. Offsetting that fee would be the realizable savings identified by the analytics, which in this scenario would be at least $10 million in underperforming or nonperforming expenditures.

**The definition of enterprise customers are those companies listed on the current Forbes Global 2000 company list at the time of the agreement.

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Stouse works in US Mountain Time.

SOURCE: Proof Analytics

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