Perfect for Boating, Decarbon Venture Launches Smallest, Lightest and Pound-for-Pound the Most Powerful Solar Generators, Now on Kickstarter

Published November 27, 2023

For power on the water, boats and yachts benefit from Decarbon Venture's IP55 rated modular semi-solid batteries with incredible power-to-weight ratio

The swappable modular battery design means you can store as much power as you need, and enjoy your boat's facilities without fossil fuels

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2023 / Boating is supposed to have quiet moments while the engines are off, but what if you need to run your appliances? Decarbon Venture (DCV) has a solution for all boats: their new solar generators, now available on Kickstarter , have the highest power-to-weight ratio of any generator on the market today. The swappable and modular battery design means boaters can stock up on fully-charged semi-solid state detachable batteries and change them out as needed.

Decarbon Venture (DCV) Airbase Duo and Quad

Andy, a yacht owner and DCV tester anchored off the south coast of England, had this to say: "What I've always wanted is to be able to enjoy environments like this while still being able to use all of the boat's facilities. I've searched and I've looked for power solutions that will give me the flexibility and still the sheer capacity to run the boat's systems whilst anchor, without needing to use the generator or the main engine to produce that power, and I think at last I've found it."

The modular Decarbon Venture (DCV) Airbase Duo and Quad generators store a remarkable 3600Wh for the Duo and 7200Wh for the Quad. The Quad holds four swappable, removable batteries, and the Duo has two.The generators weigh only 50 pounds and 100 pounds (for Duo and Quad, respectively) and are available for pre-purchase through Kickstarter now. The project has smashed the original goal and has 14 days left to go.

Similar footprint solar or gas-powered generators in contrast have a much-reduced energy capacity-perhaps 2000 - 3000Wh-and weigh more than twice that of the DCV generators.

DCV Generators are Tops in Capacity/Weight Ratio

Similar Product Comparison (Power and Weight)

Product NameAirbase QuadAirbase DuoBluetti AC300 + 1*B300Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus
Total Weight92.6 lbs48.5 lbs91.7 lbs61.5 lbs
Heaviest Piece22 lbs13.2 lbs47.6 lbs61.5 lbs

The batteries pair with the DCV solar panels (400W output) or other third party solar panels (up to 1000 watts) and can be continually charged while in use. The IP55 waterproofing and dust proofing of the power modules makes them ideally suited for both marine and off-road land environments.

"Transporting fossil fuels on a boat is exactly what many of us want to get away from," said Decarbon Venture co-founder Geoff Elwood. "I've lived on and off the grid for 30 years in the Australian Outback. The last thing I wanted was to take the sounds and smells of fossil fuels with me."

"Moving from a self-built power system full of wires, batteries, and different pieces hooked together to this single generator has been a dream for me," Elwood continued. "I can run multiple appliances-such as air conditioning, Starlink Internet, and a tea kettle-all at once. And the best part is, it's a portable system. My baby sister can carry it around."

Airbase Duo with Solar Panels | Duo Weighs Less than 50 Pounds

The system is particularly suited for boats. Boat owners can stock up a number of battery modules, and charge them before they disembark, and again when the sun comes out. In addition, it is inherently safer than both traditional fossil fuel based generators or traditional lithium battery based systems. The Airbase products utilize revolutionary new semi-solid state battery technology that is half the weight, completely inert and IP55 rated.

"There are many good reasons to have a lightweight and powerful generator, but weight takes on a new significance when you're on the water," said Collin Patterson, an Australia-based boat owner and DCV tester. "There are no gas stations out on the water. You can't just stop in to a local pub when you're miles from shore to plug in your phone. I really never thought that powering my boat would be as simple as swapping out batteries in a flashlight. This is an ideal product for boating!"

The swappable power modules have another use as well; they plug directly into eBoats and eBikes, expanding the Airbase ecosystem. The sheer capacity of the battery is a major advantage, as the eBike (for example) can go 93 miles on a single charge (tripling the distance a standard eBike can go).

eBike and eBoat with DCV Power Module

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About Decarbon Venture

The Decarbon Venture (DCV) line of energy capture, storage and generation products are half the weight and pack twice the power of other generators. DCV generators are modular and extraordinarily light and portable while holding a long-lasting energy capacity. Thanks to the inert properties of the breakthrough semi-solid state power module, the Airbase products are inherently safer and more stable than traditional lithium-based products.

Designed for camping, RV'ing, boating and other off-grid recreation, the generators can be solar charged with lightweight DCV solar panels, or through car batteries or AC fast charging. Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and evolved from life in the remote Australian Outback, Decarbon Venture is empowering a lighter, safer, smarter and greener future. For more information, visit .

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