ORtelligence Introduces Rep+TM, an AI-Enabled Surgical Support Software Application

Published October 19, 2023

Rep+ will better enable orthopedic MedTech Representatives to provide remote support and Clinician training, and is now available to hospitals via the Avail telepresence platform

WEST CHESTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2023 / ORtelligence, a healthcare technology company designing and launching software that ensures surgical teams have the right information, equipment, and support for optimal patient outcomes, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, Rep+TM. Rep+ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), AI-enabled surgical support software application designed to revolutionize the surgical process and enhance patient care by facilitating a medical professional's efforts to deliver support, training and drive efficiency for surgical teams. Rep+ is now available commercially to MedTech companies to be used for product training, and for use in hospitals via the Avail telepresence platform.

Rep+ is a groundbreaking AI-enabled software application that allows orthopedic MedTech representatives to interact remotely with the onsite surgical team via a custom user interface that displays all the tools and implants required for surgical cases. Rep+ is designed to ensure that the product expertise of MedTech representatives is accessible in the operating room even when they can't be physically present, by enabling the representative to remotely guide the surgical support team, reducing potential for equipment confusion and potentially shaving minutes off a procedure.

"This technology is aligned with ORtelligence's core mission: to deliver cutting-edge software that ensures surgical teams have the right information, equipment, and support for optimal patient outcomes," stated Tim Donnelly, CEO of ORtelligence. "By harnessing real-time data capture and deep machine learning, the platform offers a suite of tools for case preparation, remote support, inventory management, and real-time analytics. Rep+ is poised to make a significant impact on surgical venues by facilitating collaboration that can reduce waste, cut costs, and enhance the quality of care."

MedTech companies who wish to use Rep+ may purchase the software to train their teams allowing junior representatives to familiarize themselves with case equipment layouts and usage more quickly. In operating rooms, Rep+ will be available through an integration with the Avail telepresence platform. The Avail console in the operating room contains high-definition cameras, audio, edge-computing and a connection to the cloud, along with a large screen so that remote users can interact with the onsite surgical team.

Using Avail, MedTech representatives can log into a procedure remotely and use the video cameras and telestration features on the Avail console to interact visually and audibly with surgical teams. The MedTech representatives can use the Rep+ software locally while sharing the application through Avail to the surgical team on the large Avail console monitor, sharing visuals of surgical trays specific to that case and providing information about the instruments to the surgical staff.

One of Rep+'s unique attributes is its patented user interface that shows users the required implants and tools for every step of a surgical procedure. The interface simplifies instrument identification, instructions for use, virtual expert support, and implant/supply consumption tracking, making it an indispensable tool for surgical support teams.

"We are very excited about the partnership with ORT and the opportunity for Avail's orthopedic MedTech customers to access Rep+ to support their surgical teams," stated Daniel Hawkins, Avail CEO. "The future of healthcare looks smarter and more informed because of the innovation going on in software, and with Avail, surgical teams and MedTech companies can leverage efficiencies, data and knowledge that will be gained from Rep+ and other software applications that will be available on the Avail platform in the future, without adding more hardware to the operating room."


Founded in 2018 by industry experts and world-class surgeons, ORtelligence is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by optimizing the surgical process through advanced technology. The company's mission is to improve the surgical process, resulting in reduced waste, improved cost management, streamlined surgical procedures, and enhanced patient care.

For more information about Rep+ and ORtelligence's revolutionary contributions to healthcare, please visit www.ortelligence.com.

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