Orlance Announces Strategic Collaboration With Product Creation Studio for the Development of the MACH-1 System

Published May 16, 2024

This Collaboration is Focused on Advancing the Design of the MACH-1 System, Preparing It for Phase 1 Clinical Trials

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Orlance, a pioneering Seattle-based biotech company, is thrilled to announce a new development project with esteemed partner Product Creation Studio (PCS), a leader in innovative engineering and design services. This collaboration is focused on advancing the design of the MACH-1 system, preparing it for Phase 1 clinical trials. The MACH-1 system, a cutting-edge technology for needle-free delivery of powdered DNA and RNA vaccines and therapeutics, is poised to impact the fight against influenza significantly, other potential pandemics, and shortcomings in immunotherapy treatments.

Orlance, Inc. MACH-1 System
Orlance, Inc. MACH-1 System
Product Creation Studio Announces Strategic Collaboration With Orlance Inc. for the Development of the MACH-1 System

With this project, PCS will leverage its deep expertise in product development to help Orlance Inc. achieve critical milestones. The PCS team of engineers and designers will focus on optimizing the MACH-1 system's design, facilitating its rapid progression through clinical trial phases and accelerating its path to market.

PCS provides on-demand collaboration in physical product design, prototyping capabilities, and medtech knowledge. This strategic partnership allows Orlance to concentrate on scientific achievements, driving the MACH-1 system toward clinical readiness while PCS handles the intricacies of device development.

Kristyn Aalto, CEO of Orlance Inc., comments on the collaboration. "Accessing Product Creation Studio's expertise allows us to focus on our scientific objectives without the overhead of maintaining a large in-house team. This strategic approach accelerates our path to clinical trials and ultimately to market."

Scott Thielman, CTO of Product Creation Studio, adds, "The Orlance team members are true innovators in their field, and we are proud to support them in pioneering a new formulation and delivery mode for vaccines and immunotherapies. Our ongoing partnership exemplifies how strategic collaboration can enhance technological advancements and deliver real health solutions."

About Product Creation Studio

Located in Seattle, Washington, Product Creation Studio (PCS) has served as an innovation accelerator since 1999, transforming ideas into market-ready products. Its in-house expertise spans medical devices, life science tools, industrial equipment, and consumer products, with a strong focus on enhancing user experience and expediting time to market.

For more information on Product Creation Studio: https://www.productcreationstudio.com/.

About Orlance Inc.

Orlance Inc., a biotech leader based in Seattle, Washington, is dedicated to advancing low-dose, needle-free vaccines and therapeutics. Founded as a University of Washington spinout in 2016, Orlance has been at the forefront of developing the MACH-1 system, a novel technology to enable greater utility and reduced complications associated with DNA and RNA vaccines and therapies. MACH-1 shelf-stable vaccines have a significant potential impact on global vaccine distribution, reach, and impact.

For more information on Orlance Inc.: https://orlance.com/.

Disclaimer: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved this device.

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Kristyn Aalto

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